Our townhouse has 2 bedrooms. The first is obviously our master bedroom, and the second, up until now, has been used as a guest room. Wait…that’s not entirely true. Yes, it is a guest room, but the majority of the time that room is set aside as a wonderful place where either The Captain or myself can go to if one of us can’t sleep. It is a great room to have actually. There are many nights where he would snore so loud that I would just focus on it…and therefore lie awake. What’s the cure for that?? Our second bedroom! Some nights he would go to bed late and not want to wake me…where would he go?? Our second bedroom! It really is wonderful. The only problem is, that soon this bed will be out of that room to make room for baby, and soon, we lose our special sleep haven. But for now, we have it squeezed in our nursery. Why you ask? Well these days we have unfortunately been using that bed more and more. These days The Captain and I are sleeping apart.

Don’t fret. We aren’t fighting or anything. We both just like our sleep so much that it’s worth it. I don’t sleep so well these days, and get up to pee about 3 times a night. Not to mention the restless leg syndrome that has reared it’s ugly head. When this happens, I just go sleep in the other room rather than bother The Captain with my constant tossing and turning. The other problem that has started (and Captain Awesome LOVES to tell me this) is the awful habit of snoring. I can’t help it! With the extra weight, and my clogged nose, how could I not snore? Personally, I don’t think The Captain should say much about it since I’ve had to listen to him snore for 10 years…but I do see how it’s a HUGE annoyance. So when I am snoring he goes to the other bed. And recently this is more often than not.

Did you know that reports are claiming that 1 in 4 married couples are now sleeping in separate beds? It turns out that it’s a pretty hot topic right now and was even discussed on Oprah. Personally, I know a lot of men in my life that sleep in another room. This includes my father. I honestly don’t think it’s that odd. The Captain and I have different sleep habits. I go to bed a few hours before him. He likes the TV on to fall asleep and I don’t. We normally grin and bare it but is it necessary? People say it ruins intimacy, I say that we both have been getting wonderful nights sleep! Maybe Lucy and Desi had the right idea!!

Once little Pooh Bear arrives we lose this second room all together, and will then resume to sharing a bed. Normally, I panic when we have a house guest because I have nowhere to go if I can’t sleep, but I figure that I will be have MANY sleepless nights with this little guy so it won’t really matter. What I do know is that I will miss that happy bed. It has served us well for a while now. Don’t worry, I am sure it will be back in our future home!

So what are your sleep habits? Do you ever sleep apart from your spouse? Do you go to bed at the same time?