The day has finally come…The waiting and the obsessing has finally paid off…New Moon came out into theaters this past weekend! Woo hooo! (no need to judge…I’m not ashamed of my love for these stories) And to put it simply…It was AWESOME!  I am dying to go see it for a second time!

I was lucky enough this past weekend to go see the movie on Saturday with my sister and my mom. My sister is as obsessed with the stories as I am…my mom not so much…all she keeps saying is…”but he’s a vampire!” and my response is always “but he loves her unconditionally…it’s irrational love!” But I guess I will leave dissecting the story for another time. Today we talk about NEW MOON!

Out of all the books I found New Moon to be the slowest moving one. Although I know that this story was necessary to build the relationship of Bella and Jacob, I found Bella’s sadness to be a bit much. But the movie version was great! It obviously was not as good as the books (are any movies as good as the book?) but I think they covered all the bases! If you didn’t read the book, and just saw the movie then I don’t think you get the TRUE nature of Bella and Jacob’s friendship…they didn’t have time to truly develop it, but they did a decent job with what they had to work with.

 I was worried about how they were going to phase the wolves and I think they did a TERRIFIC job. They made them big, scary, and believable as the vampire nemesis. Now let’s talk Jacob Black…or the very cute Taylor Lautner. I am pretty much a pedophile because I find him VERY attractive in the movie. I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel show where he was the guest..and a woman audience member asked him to take off his shirt. Jimmy then reminded us all that if it were a female on the panel, and a male audience member asked a 17 year old girl to take off her shirt…he’d be booed and sent to jail as a pedophile! lol

Alot of people I spoke to switched from Team Edward to Team Jacob after this movie. Maybe it was all the werewolf shirtless scenes, but it’s true. I myself am on neither team…my allegiance switches all the time depending on what is going on.

In the end I was happy about how this movie was made. I think Chris Weitz did an amazing job, as did all the actors portraying the characters. I will openly admit when I first saw who they cast for Twilight I was disappointed. These people were no where close to who I envisioned in my head, but now I can’t see anyone else playing them.

So my obsession with these stories continues, and I will try to patiently wait for Eclipse to come out next summer. It was my FAVORITE book of the series so I am dying to see how that turns out. I can only imagine that it will turn out great if it follows the other two movies!

So who’s as obsessed as I am? How many times did you see the movie?? Team Edward or Team Jacob?? If you haven’t seen the movie yet what are you waiting for?? Go!