As I write this post I am watching “Jersey Shore”. Don’t judge me…you know you were watching it too! It’s a train wreck that I can’t help but watch! But I digress….I was watching them get bombed and dance, and I couldn’t help but think about my party past. I may point and laugh at their drunkeness but I too have been there. I too have had ridiculous conversations while walking the streets with my friends, and I too have acted like a complete fool only to wake up thinking “what the heck happened last night!”. My glory days…I had a blast, and I would never change it. But as I watch I am forced to accept that those days really are in my past. It’s sad but true! No matter how much I’d want to do it again I couldn’t. My party days are in my past.

Even if I wanted to go out and party I know I would regret it the instant I heard my son wake up at 6:30 (and could be even earlier). Even if I had the best time EVER I still don’t think the hangover would be worth it. It would be a VERY long day, and it would take a VERY long time to catch up on my sleep. There is no more sleeping in. My son needs a lot of my attention, so wallowing on the couch all day in self pity isn’t an option any more.

In no way shape or form do I miss the hang over portion of a long night out, but I do sometimes miss going out and letting loose. I miss not having to think about the consequences of my indulgences. But that is the reality of the situation. I am a mom, and my son deserves my full attention. That doesn’t mean I don’t go out…I do…but my “night out” is extremely different than in the past. I don’t plan on partying “Jersey Shore style” anytime soon. Weird to think about…but true.

I’ve been there done that…..nights out that were all about shots and drinking games now involve a glass of wine or two (if I’m feeling crazy). And you know what?? Most of the time I prefer it!