Wow…that’s pretty much all I can say about Captain Awesome’s post. I don’t even know what to begin! lol All I can say is enjoy, and ladies feel free to give him HELL!

When we last talked, I was in the midst of defending myself from Wifey 101: Ignoring it Will not Make it go Away but because of the kitchen sink that was thrown my way I could only get to about half my rebuttal.

Ignoring The Angry Wife

The only way to combat this discussion is to break it down into certain situations:

  • I Don’t Have an Earthly Clue Why We are Fighting
  • I Know You are Angry but it is Stupid
  • We are Fighting and I am in Deep Shit

Right off the bat, I want to say to the hundreds upon hundreds of women out there that read this blog on a daily basis, sometimes Men don’t actually know you are mad at us.  While I will admit this is a rarity it does happen.

If I do something, and you tell me it is fine, and my little voice inside doesn’t says, “Woah, this may not all be good Cap Awesome”  or my cool female neighbor doesn’t throw me the “Cap. Awesome we have an issue hand signal” then I may not actually know you are fighting with me.  Ah, the Classic Fine vs. FINE argument.   If you are curious what the ‘we have an issue hand signal’ means it sort of looks like this:

She’ll actually do a mixture of a these symbols to give me a warning.  Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t because of the second situation: I know you are angry but it is ridiculous.

I am pretty sure it is because relationship women aren’t bound by the laws of logic.  I am not saying that all women all the time aren’t logical, I am just saying that for whatever reason when it comes to your man, you don’t seem to be bound by the laws of logic.  That in turn causes you to be angry about stupid things.

Just because you are angry or mad, doesn’t actually mean I have to get into it, because it is simply ridiculous.  For example, if I do something stupid (and I know it is hard to believe but I do..sometimes…act inappropriately) then there is no real reason that we have to talk about it.   Is it going to take back the stupid act? Nope.  Is it going to make me not do it again? Probably not.  So why do we have to talk about it? I’ll just ignore it and hope it goes away lol

The last category is the biggie.  I am in Deep Shit, and I know It.   While I am positive that the first two categories will apply to most relationships, the last one is probably more just applicable to Captain Awesome.

When I have done something that I know is a big deal, it is easier for me to hope it cools down a bit before opening Pandora’s box. I have a particular talent of actually sleeping even if we are fighting, so I will sleep lol.  The problem then gives rise to when do you ask, “Hey, my love, I have noticed you haven’t talked to me in 12 hours or so, whats up?”  So I end up never asking, and then it turns into a blog post lol.

I don’t have a reason for it, and my googling of the keywords didn’t exactly provide any insight as to why I do it.  While The Wife often reminds me she was a Psych minor she has yet to offer me anything in the way of an explanation.

I don’t know if it is a guy thing, or a Captain Awesome thing, but I think my explanation of the other two situations adequately describe 94% of the situations since we don’t really fight all that often.