I knew the time had to come where I would leave my little man overnight. The question wasn’t IF, but when that would happen. I have never felt the NEED to get away from him as of yet. It’s true! I do like to have some “me” time, but overall I haven’t felt the urge to just get away. But sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, and life intervenes to TELL you that it’s time for you to get away.

The Captain and I knew about his fraternity brothers wedding pretty much before Christian was born. Therefore, the date was circled on the calendar as the date that I would be away from my son overnight WAY in advance. To some this may sound sad, but to me it’s just how I felt. Especially since I haven’t really felt the need to be away. But the wedding was up near Boston, and my only choices were to leave the little man behind, or make my mom come up to Massachusetts with us for a one night excursion. The latter seemed a bit extreme in this case. If we were going to be away for two nights I may be singing a different tune. So I booked my parents for the job months in advance.

I knew I would still be breastfeeding so even though the poor guy hasn’t taken a bottle in a long time, I had a stash of breast milk in the fridge for this occasion. My mom is well aware of his routine since she has always been so good about helping me keep to it no matter where we are. She respects the nap schedule, and I know that a well napped Christian makes for a happy caregiver, so at least I knew that was taken care of. My main worry was bed time, but since my mom is a pro at getting him to nap, I was hoping that would carry over to bed time….and it did! Grampy was here too and was a wonderful assistant. He fed and played with my boy to give Grandma a few minutes to do something else. It’s always nice to have an extra set of hands! Especially with Christian since he’s always on the move.

I will admit to calling regularly to check in, but it felt good to get updates. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way if the updates were bad, but since he got rave reviews (well most of the time), I was able to breath a sigh of relief after each phone call. I am betting if I heard that he was crying the whole time the trip would’ve went ALOT differently, but luckily that wasn’t the case.

How did I enjoy the “mommy time”? Well, when we got to the hotel I took a nice quiet NAP! We stopped by the grooms room when we got there and he said “do you want a beer?” to which I replied “no I want a NAP!”. I think he was a little disappointed in my answer since he knew “party college Jen”, but it is what it is. I truly was looking forward to a nap. And after the wedding when The Captain continued the party I went back to our room to go to bed. I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up when I wanted. That was it…a small and simple request. So that’s what I did! Even though I did get up at 7:30 anyway…but I knew that would happen.

The bottom line to this whole story is that I DID IT! The day that was marked on my calendar for so long has come and gone and both Christian and I survived with flying colors. As of now we have no plans to be away, but I am sure a day will come when The Captain and I get away alone again. This time I am hoping it can just be the two of us because alone Mommy and daddy time is always a good thing. But that day isn’t in the books yet…so for now it’s back to normal life!