Today I want to wish my husband, my Captain Awesome and my best friend a very happy 30th birthday! You read that right…Captain Awesome turns 30 today! He can now join me in the next decade!

Captain Awesome is one of those people who likes to celebrate their birthday for as long as possible. The celebrations began last month when we went to Atlanta, and will now continue through the month of November. Today, we will be going out to dinner ( a much needed date night!), then this weekend we are traveling to Boston, and although it’s for his friends wedding, I have a feeling he will somehow be able to turn it around so that people celebrate his birthday. The celebration will then continue on the 19th when we get together with all of our friends for a nice birthday dinner. You see? I wasn’t exaggerating!

The Captain and I spent almost all of our 20’s together, and now I am excited for him to join me in the 30’s. Our 20’s were spent finding each other, and now I look at our 30’s as finding ourselves as parents. The next 10 years has so much in store for us!

I can’t wait to continue this journey together. Our little man is now in our lives and adds so much joy and love. I hope he can be excited about 30 (although he claims he is going to go through a crisis). We are married, have a son and have a wonderful life. What more could a man ask for?

Happy Birthday Captain Awesome! May it be another wonderful year!