Last year, another couple and ourselves started what we like to think as a little tradition of going to Vermont during Columbus Day Weekend. We say tradition, because we hope that this is something we can do for years to come…or at least until The Captain’s boss decides that he no longer wants us to use his vacation home. Last year we found it to be a nice and peaceful getaway….you can read more about last year HERE , and this year certainly didn’t disappoint. Although, this year we were reminded that this would be the last carefree vacation Captain Awesome and I would take as a family of 3 (including Tinkerbell). Soon our family is going to grow, and with that comes new responsibilities. Next year, our little Pooh Bear will join us!

Columbus Day weekend, we are told, is one of the busiest weekends of the year. We had wonderful weather, although the foliage was better last year. I think the warm and dry summer, that continued through the fall, didn’t allow for the trees to truly change yet. Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful, but definitely different from last year. We did a lot of the same things as last year, because let’s be honest…there really isn’t that much to do! We saw a mug at one of the stores that read “What happens in Vermont Stays in Vermont…but nothing ever really happens here”. We laughed because it was pretty appropriate. The great thing though is that we enjoy traveling with this other couple because they are very similar to us. We were never in a big rush to go anywhere, we didn’t over plan, and were very happy to relax. A wonderful long weekend if you ask me.

Just as last year, we went back to this adorable little inn called the Windham Hill Inn for dinner. We have only seen the property at night, but I just looked at the pictures on the website and WOW! It’s beautiful! The restaurant at the Inn is rather pricey, but you get a 4 course price fix dinner which is extremely tasty. Because I’m just as happy eating out at Fridays, The Captain and I don’t always go out to nice restaurants (my fault completely) so it was an extremely nice dinner out. Only difference this year was that I couldn’t indulge in the wonderful wine that I did last year…big bummer! At dinner we were again reminded that next year would be very different. With little Pooh Bear with us, we can’t go out to this restaurant. I am sure the other diners paying a hefty price for dinner wouldn’t be happy with an 8 month old showing up. (Not that I would EVER do that anyway) But like I said, Friendlys makes me just as happy so this future mamma doesn’t mind!

One thing that will be fun with kids is the farms. We stopped by this one farm that boasted about Pumpkins and hayrides only to find like 5 pumpkins sitting in the grass, and a truck that rode in a circle in the field….but they did have roaming goats, and some cows so I think a little one would be pretty impressed. 4 adults….not so much!

As we went through each of our activities I would see moms and dads with their children. Mommies with slings…dads pushing strollers, and I thought to myself…wow..this is you and The Captain next year! Forget next year, this is you and The Captain in a few weeks! I got made fun of for packing too much (which I promise you I didn’t) but then reminded everyone how much more needs to be packed to accommodate a baby! I think a lot more planning needs to be involved!

I’m glad we took this little trip. I will admit that it wasn’t as easy to do everything being 7 1/2 months pregnant…but I think I was a trooper! Our last childless vacation has come and gone…now we wait for little Pooh Bear to arrive!