children insanity

My daughter is such a character. She makes me laugh every day, and I know that she loves me, but sometimes I have to wonder what I did to piss her off so much? It’s healthy for a kid to leave their mother…I get that….but it seems that many times, when we go out, or visit other people that my daughter will choose help from anyone but me. I should be thankful that she is open to other people. I should be thankful that she trusts others, but in fact I am not. Am I allowed to say that? It hurts. WTF dear daughter? I give you everything every day, but I get ditched the moment we are around other people? Not cool!

We visited some friends the other week, and my daughter took to the “mom” of the family instantly. If she tried to climb into a chair and I tried to help her she’d say “noooooo” and ask my friend. I went as far as calling her “new mommy” all day because my daughter went to her with all her needs. She had a newborn of her own so I felt slightly embarrassed when she was carrying a baby and still had to assist my 18 month old because she wouldn’t allow me to help. Is this normal?

There is a wonderful woman across the street who watches her at least monthly sometimes more when I need help. She’s great. Tessa loves her and she’s great with Tessa. A win, win right!? Well it should be, but when I pick her up she doesn’t want to leave? I feel like my son would be at the door waiting for me and light up when I walk in…but not her. I walk in and she grabs the sitters hand! She lives across the street, and we were playing over there the other day. My daughter picked flowers and I said “aww you picked those for me!?” She said “NO!” and walked passed me and gave the dandelion to the sitter. It was definitely funny, and I LOVE that she is so comfortable there, but I have to admit I kind of wish she’d grab onto my leg and never let go.

I get it. I’m horrible. Who doesn’t want their child to be comfortable with others? Captain Awesome says that I raise my children (including my dog) to be addicted to me. I tell him it’s just because I am so awesome that my children would most rather be with me. Now, with my daughter I question my skills. My Tinkerbell wants only me…my son wants only me….and my daughter???? Where did I fail?

Is this how girls are with their mothers? I should just be thankful….but sometimes the FU look my daughter gives me I just can’t take. She’s only 18 months!? My boy lights up, and always has the moment I walk into a room. It’s the best feeling in the world. For my daughter? I find myself testing her regularly with how much she wants me around. Cruel? Probably. Screwing her up? Maybe…..but aren’t we supposed to as parents?