We all believe that our computers can handle anything, and that they will faithfully hold our information till the end of time, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for me. Last week my dear computer had a fatal heart attack, and no resuscitation attempts could save it. Yes my dear readers last week my computer died.

Of course, since I believed my computer to be healthy I had not recently backed anything up. Luckily Captain Awesome is good with  computers and installed a program that would automatically back everything up, but somehow that got turned off so anything done before the last 100 or so days is lost. Lost are those e mails, word documents, files, pictures…and it stinks. I thought because I uploaded to Picasa that my pictures would’ve survived but it seems that I can only retrieve the ones that I set up to be public. Anyone know if this is true?

The good news is that my dear computer has it’s service plan warranty through Dell until October (cutting it close I know!), so today a computer man will come and bring me a new hard drive. Today, my computer will be revived! As of now I am not sure what information can be recovered, but at least I will have my computer back. Live and learn dear friends….back up your computer even if you think it’s perfectly fine. It really stinks to lose everything.