I am only at the 23 week mark, and as I look around our 2 bedroom townhouse thinking about where all the baby stuff is going to go I begin to panic. How will it all fit? Where will it all go? But then I think of the people who raise families in little apartment in Manhattan, and remind myself if they can do it so can I. But I still am left to ask myself….will I ever feel like we have enough room?

Currently, our little townhouse is perfect. We have 2 very large bedrooms. One is for me and The Captain, and the other is a guest room/office. It has been set up this way for the past 3 years and works great. Now normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal to turn bedroom number 2 into a nursery. Isn’t that what 2nd bedrooms are for? Usually, yes…but in our case we have a few extra things to consider. The first being that I work from home. I am not too worried about this because we plan on moving my office down to the front room of the townhouse (which currently has no real purpose). So the problem there is solved. The biggest problem I face is guests. See, my family lives in PA, and one thing I have loved about this house so far is that when they have come to visit I have been able to make it pretty comfortable for them. Now, with little Pooh Bear on the way, it’s not going to be as easy. At first I was like…we’ll just put a bed in the nursery, and when they stay the baby will come into our room. I mean aren’t they in a bassinet for the first three months? But then I realized that it’s not so easy. Where will I go with the crying baby at 3 am? And once the baby is in a crib…will they even want to be in that room with the baby? In my opinion the answer is no. So on to option two. Making that random front room not only an office, but also a spare room. But how? As of now this is where we are stuck. We are looking into either air mattresses or a pull out sofa. Right now the sleeper sofa is top on the list. Either way not as good as a guest room…but it is what it is. I guess I’m so frustrated because it’s no real secret that I’m not a fan of Long Island, but since it seems we are staying (at least for now) my only real criteria is that my family be able to visit whenever they want. The Captain is great about that, but I just worry that with uncomfortable accomodations will bring less visits. And that my dear readers makes me sad. I know I wouldn’t want to visit where I am uncomfortable.

All the “stuff” will be another challenge. You’d think a baby just needs to sleep and eat, but it’s amazing how much STUFF comes along for the ride. I am super excited about the stuff, and am in no way a neat freak, but where will it all go? Only time will tell!

But the question of the day is, no matter what and no matter where we end up, will we ever have enough room? Will we always fill whatever room we have with so much stuff that we feel squished again? The Captain and I are hoping to move with in a year to a year and a half. We decided that having little Pooh Bear should be our main focus and we can make our home work for now. I think I feel more squished than he does because I am the one home all day when he leaves for the office. But he knows how important it is to me to have my family comforatable. I guess for now we just have to work with what we have. Which don’t get me wrong, is really good. If we only had a basement…..