They always say Home Is Where The Heart Is, and for the most part that is true. Some of you may gasp and say…”of course it’s true! As long as you have a home and are with the ones you love everything else should fall into place”. And you are right…that SHOULD be true…but you do have to admit that your life doesn’t only exist inside your actual home. You have to go out and interact with others…you have to drive on the roads, and visit the local shops. But what happens when you don’t really love the area around you? Does anyone truly LOVE where they live?

I have never claimed to be a fan of Long Island. As a matter of fact, most aspects about it are against everything I believe in…It’s crowded, there’s traffic, there’s greed, materialsm and boy is it expensive to live here. But the bottom line is that I do live here…I have lived here for over 10 years (including college)….and it seems for now this is where I will stay. I have the most amazing husband, I have the most amazing friends, and I have the most amazing neighbors. Shouldn’t that be enough to love this place? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Then I have to ask myself this. Does anyone TRULY love where they live? Or is the grass always greener on the other side? Growing up all I wanted to do was leave my little town for the big city, and now, all I want is to go back to a little town. But can I take all the people in my life and move them with me?  Do you truly love where you live?