As I went to write today’s post I realize I don’t have much to say?? It’s a weird feeling since I always have something to say. I always have a comment about SOMETHING, or a topic I want to rant about, a little adventure going on in my life, or a story about my marriage. But you’d be amazed at how little I have been doing lately. Even though the weather is turning around, I have pretty much been in hibernation still. The reason? There are many! I was hiding my pregnancy for a little while so I stayed away from friends. Another reason is the pure exhaustion I feel every day. It pretty much leaves me feeling like my couch is the greatest place on earth, and a 10:00 bedtime makes the best night ever. Basically, I find myself in limbo.

When it comes to the blog I also feel like I am in limbo. I WANT to blog about my pregnancy, but I’m still so scared. Also, I have made so many TTC friends over the past couple of months that I worry that talking about my pregnancy will make them feel that they don’t want to follow me or my blog because it’s just too hard for them. I guess blogging is personal, and needs to be honest. In order to do that I have to be able to speak about ALL that is going on. And a MAJOR thing going on in my life right now is my pregnancy. I guess I can’t write for other people right? I can only hope that those following my journey can share in my happiness.

So in limbo I will be for a while. I will continue to be boring.(at least I’m being honest?) You might get stuck reading about some very mundane things, because I am still feeling things out as to what I want to write about. Don’t worry, no matter what, above all I will be candid and honest. And just to keep you on your toes I promise to throw in all of my randomness that you, my readers, have grown to love. I just hope you can all bear with me. I’m blaming it on pregnancy brain! It’s plain old mush!

Is it bed time yet?