Yesterday was May 5th….or Cinco De Mayo to us American folk that are just looking for an excuse to drink. Normally, my Cinco De Mayo would be celebrated with some sort of alcoholic beverage in hand, (preferably a margarita) celebrating my non Mexican heritage. But this year is a little different. This year me and my little bean got to celebrate with beverages of the non alcoholic variety. It’s kind of the same right??…it’s not. For a wino like myself, who always enjoyed her adult concoctions it’s definitely a different way to celebrate. But for the sake of the bean, that’s ok.

It’s amazing how much you miss having something until you CAN’T have it. Take Subway for example. I like it…it’s good…but I would never crave it. As a matter of fact I never ate it often at all. Now that I can’t have deli meats it seems that I think about it much more regularly! It’s a bit of a different story with the wine. I knew that it would be missed. I never doubted that for a second. My life for over the past 10 years has consisted of lots of parties, and daily glasses of wine. It’s just the type of girl I am. But now, I don’t really miss it as much…it’s more that the dynamic of my nights out are just so different with out it. But change can be good right? It definitely is! And this cause is totally worth it!

The Captain and I were going to go out and celebrate. Him with a XX (Mexican Beer), and me with most likely a seltzer ( I think virgin margaritas aren’t worth the money). But as the night went on I got tired and crabby (not a good combination). And when his friend agreed to go out, I used that as my cue to back out. I know, I know a good wife would go out because her husband wanted/asked her to. But I rationalized that he would have more fun with out me. Is that bad?

So instead, my night ended with me in my favorite spot…my couch. I had Red Mango, and peanut butter crackers with milk for dinner (nothing else sounded appetizing). And I got to catch up on some shows on the DVR. Yes, it’s a little different from years past, but different is just fine with me. As a matter of fact, I find it to be pretty great.