Recently, Captain Awesome has found himself reminding me how I “used to be cool”. The comment comes up if I want to stay in, or if I am even more picky than usual about what I eat. I must admit it hurts to hear…but the truth hurts right?  

Let’s face it, we all used to be that much cooler in our younger days. Right? I mean who wasn’t the coolest person ever at 20? Even when I thought I was slowing down at 25, looking back I must admit I still knew how to have a good time. Now, being pregnant the “cool factor” has seemed to drop dangerously low, and I know it’s all totally worth it, but sometimes…I do miss it. Just the other night a group of my friends decided to go out to a bar. Time kept on ticking on, and next I knew it was 10:00 and they hadn’t gone out yet. I just couldn’t go! My bed called me and I knew that standing in a bar just wouldn’t be my scene. (I make the worst sober bar goer EVER!)  So as they all piled into cars to go out, I drove myself home.  

I must say I have lived a good party lifestyle for a good part of my 20’s. I certainly knew/know how to have a good time…but as time goes on those times are few and far between. When was the last time I partied like a rock star?? Looking back I’d say it was at my friends bachelorette party in March. That was the last horrah before the pregnancy.  

But it’s ok that I used to be much cooler. Hopefully The Captain doesn’t miss the college party girl he fell in love with too much…she’s turned into a homebody mother to be. And you know what? That sounds just perfect to me.