I have decided that every day should be my birthday! Ok, that’s being greedy. I will go for every other Saturday. What do you think? That way I can have a special day all to myself 2 times a month. Sounds perfect to me! I’m not saying that I want to get older every other Saturday. No, that would be silly. I just want the special perks that come with having a birthday. What do you think? Can I do that?

I am not one to have huge birthday celebrations. Not like Captain Awesome. He will celebrate his birthday forever if you let him. Me, I like to be low key with my family. Especially this year. It’s amazing how the little things can become so special. For example, my birthday is one of the few days out of the year where Captain Awesome takes on the responsibility of getting up with our little man. That means I get to “sleep in”. Notice I used quotes. That’s because 8:30 is now “sleeping in” and I don’t necessarily consider that sleeping in. But it was FANTASTIC!  Normally, I hear the guys downstairs and can’t sleep. But not this year. I fell right back to sleep and loved rolling over to the clock telling me it was 8:30.

After waking up “late”, I came downstairs to my boys to find my favorite Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee, and my favorite bagel! All ready for me! Not to mention beautiful roses!! Like I said before…this should become more of a regular occurrence don’t you think? After that we just went about our day, but on that day, my phone buzzed all day with wonderful facebook messages. Some may think it’s impersonal. I think that it’s great to get so much love from people you see all the time, and even from those that you don’t. I think it’s great.

This year, not only did we get to celebrate my actual birthday, but the day before we hit the Long Island Vineyards for a bit of picnic fun! A group of my friends came and the little man enjoyed playing with his friend and all the animals on the farm there. It was a really wonderful day and I was thankful my friends came to celebrate with me. Captain Awesome even got me a cookie cake!

So happy 32nd birthday to me. My 30’s are looking to be a pretty wonderful decade thus far. I am going to look into finding out how I can get days like that more often. When I find out I will let you all know, and maybe you can jump on the bandwagon. What do you think?