I am 28 years old (soon to be 29) and I am at the point in my life where I take my skin care very seriously. Especially for my face. For years I never really used products on my face, and didn’t always wash my makeup off at night (I know! What a sin!) I hear from many people that they find a line of products that they like and stick to it. Products that they think work for them. I have been on a mission to find the products that work best for me.

Expensive Skin Care

I have not yet decided if it’s worth the money to buy expensive products. Personally, I feel that it’s important to get good quality when it comes to the products I put on my face. But how much is too much?  

La Mer products are heavily advertised in “fashion” magazines. Many celebrities claim that they use these products, but who can afford that $230 price tag? Does it really work miracles? Honestly, if I found out it really helped prevent wrinkels, and really was a wonder products I might consider it! On the other hand, year after year Oil of Olay wins awards for being the best drug store brand, as well as a brand that has stood the test of time! Is it best to go in the middle? I tried using the Clinique 3 step Process. It seemed to be fine. I learned that I have very dry skin by going to their counter, but other than that I did not find the products to be that spectacular. I am not sure what I imagined would happen when I found the best products for me, but I don’t think that was it.

My Skin Care

Back in October I hosted an Arbonne party for my friend who sells the products. Arbonne is like Avon or Mary Kay in which the salespeople are independent consultants. The products are all natural. She was new in the business and needed a start, so I graciously offered to host. It was a decently successful party, successful enough that I was able to get free products out of it. Now, I must admit that I am easily sold. Any trip to the makeup counters leave me spending much more cash then I wanted. This one time my friend brought me to a free event at Laura Mercier and specifically said I didn’t have to buy anything…well that day I got a Saks credit card and spent over $300 on products! I guess those people did their job! At this Arbonne party my friend gave me samples of their face wash line. They have many different lines but I chose the anti aging line because as I mentioned above, I feel like now’s the time to get ahead of those nasty lines! I LOVED the products. I tried the face wash, the toner, the facial jelly, and the night cream! Together I honestly believe that may face has never felt better.

The downside of using these products is that when I need it, I can’t just go out and buy it. I am an instant gratification type of girl and it drives me nuts to wait for the products to be shipped in. Another downside is paying freight for the products. This is an added cost, and in most cases I don’t order items online due to freight costs. But where does that leave me? I found products that I like, and enjoy using. Do I stray for the sole reason that I have to pay freight? For now the answer is no.

I am still on the quest for the perfect eye cream. Currently I am using dermilogica eye cream. I had a gift card to a salon and they sell the products so I figured I’d give it a try. So far there have been no miraculous changes, but then again, my face is still pretty wrinkle free.  Crows feet are not coming around my eyes prematurely if it’s up to me!

So what products do you use on your face? Do you have an eye cream that works wonders? Am I supposed to feel it working? Do you believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to these products? Is the added cost of an expensive product worth it? Or are drug store products just as good?

As a side note if you are interested in the Arbonne products and need a consultant, let me know and I can get you my friend’s information!