From the moment you tell people you are pregnant people tend to give you lots of advice whether you want it or not. Some of its useful, but most you are left smiling, saying thank you, and moving on. But through it all there has been one piece that I have done my best to take to heart and that is to enjoy him…enjoy these early days as much as possible because they go by so fast. Good advice don’t you think? But as life take hold..sometimes it’s easy to forget.

The first 2 weeks for me were a blur. I was still physically recovering from labor, and I was just trying to figure out the basics. After that came the stage where I attempted to throw myself back into life. I wanted to learn as fast as possible to take care of everything…but truth be told that was harder than it seemed.

When the baby would rest I would place him in a swing or his seat and attempt household chores (although you’d never know it by looking at the house). It seemed like the best course of action, but I started to feel like I was missing out on just holding my son. Then we would go and visit family, and I would pass him off to them since they were so excited to spend time with him. It was then that I would watch them stare at him, and smile at him and just enjoy him. Sometimes my mom would just get stuck with him laying in her lap sleeping for a long time. He looked so peaceful and she was just happy to hold him. I decided then and there that I needed that too. I needed peace and quiet time with my boy.

I am thankful for my little wake up call. Now, I sit and hold my son as much as possible. The cleaning and household chores can wait. What can’t wait are these fleeting moments with my little baby boy. He’s 8 weeks old and growing fast. When we sit together now he coos, and smiles away. Why would I want to miss that? And when he sleeps his favorite spot is either on your lap with your knees up so you can rock him, or up on your shoulder with his little arms giving you “hugs”. I now know I wouldn’t want to miss that for the world.

So now I remind myself daily that life can wait for a while. It’s ok to slow down and just enjoy the ride every once in a while. A clean house, and a well prepared meal you will soon forget….but the memories I am making with my son will last forever. For now…I will just enjoy him.