So what happened to my little angel? Where did he go, and when did this little one who throws fits show up? Before you think I’m a bad mom for taking a video of this I’d like to say something in my defense…he wasn’t hurt he was just mad…so I laughed about it. You have to right? Isn’t that how you get through these fits?

Why was he throwing this fit you ask? Well, he wanted something on the counter that I wouldn’t give him…so this was the outcome. I guess the terrible two’s start at 1? He certainly has a mind of his own!

But you know what he did after? He put his arms around my neck and gave me a HUGE hug and kiss. Then I wiped away his tears and we made up. He was back to being my little angel.

Now I have this video to embarrass him for years to come. Ahhh the joys of being a mom!