Dear Tessa,

I want to apologize for not being good at keeping up with the blog for you. It’s not that I don’t want to, but life happens and I have less time to sit and write. But I do want to remember things, so I wanted to write you your birthday post. At this point your 4 and a half so I’m not too far gone. How did that happen? How did you become a preschooler!?

In some ways I feel like you have always been my little big girl. In my mind you have always talked and always carried yourself tall. That hasn’t changed. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are confident and always say what you want. Sometime this is a good thing sometimes this is not! When people comment on this trait of yours I tell them “she is going to rule the world someday”. In my mind if I can hold on and not crush your spirit, or let the world bring you down, you will be better off. But sometimes it’s hard to deal with your sass. I mean let’s be honest…your 4! I will do what I can to protect you and allow you to be you. I just hope your teachers down the line find your strong will endearing.

Other adults seem to follow our orders too. You are just so cute and confident that they believe whatever you say. I always laugh and remind them that you are four and they are the adult. Our hope for you in the future is that people appreciate your sass and don’t find it rude. Let’s hope your teachers find it endearing!

Even though you are sassy you are caring. You put up a tough front but behind that facade you care. You roll with things so easily that I am almost shocked when you don’t. I sometimes think I have to worry about you more because I can’t always tell your true feelings. Christian is an open book, but you will tell me your fine when I know you aren’t. I have to pay closer attention to that. Especially as you get older. Luckily, as your mom I care enough to look deeper.

You love to talk…ALOT! I swear when we are together there is rarely a moment when you aren’t talking. Whether we are in the car, watching a movie, eating a meal, or getting dressed it doesn’t matter. You are talking. I must admit it can be exhausting. Then I remind myself that you won’t always want to talk to me so much so I try to embrace it. We call you chatty Cathy and you don’t love that. I have tried to stop calling you that because when we do it seems that you get self conscious and that is not what I am trying to do at all.

This year you went to Treasure cove, and your teacher is Mrs. Martino. It’s attached to your brother’s school which is great, but I didn’t realize how hard the drop off/pick up line would be for both of us. They take you from the car which is great and easy, but you don’t seem to love that I am not in your school at all. I was spoiled with your brother’s pre school being a co-op. You struggle with knowing I get to get to be in your brother’s classroom and not yours. I’m sorry sweet girl. I would be there if I could!

I joke with your brother that I probably would be more comfortable leaving you home alone over him. You clean up without being asked, and you worry and try to take care of me if I am hurt or sick. You are a little mommy and I am proud of that. You have such a good heart. You go to bed without a fight and sleep well. Although I say your sassy I must admit you are a pretty easy going child. Your daddy and I always joke how you are like him in that way. Your his party animal. Always up for an adventure. We love that about you. You roll with punches. I hope you keep that trait.

So little one you are 4. Next year you go to to Kindergarten. This is our last year together before school takes over most of your day. We spend our days doing activities, and having play dates and I love it. I didn’t even send you to school on Friday’s so we can have a Mommy and Tessa day. You deserve that and so do I, because you know what? Time moves too fast. This time is precious, and I am thankful that I get to spend it with you.