My parents spent a large amount of money to give me a nice smile (I wore braces). I stayed away from two of the biggest teeth staining culprits for a long time, red wine and coffee, but as time went on I caved and those two beverages entered my weekly routine. Coffee began as a once a day drink and after having my son moved to two times. I will keep my wine consumption to myself…but it was enough to not make my teeth pretty. I’m sure since being pregnant and keeping away from both wine and coffee has helped my teeth, but now that my daughter is here and I have a little more leeway I am sure my teeth will not be thanking me. That is why I am thankful to have the opportunity to try out the new Colgate Optic White products.

Colgate has just introduced four new products to their whitening line.

  • Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen ($14.99) The toothbrush is specially designed with stain removers and polishing bristles to help remove surface stains. The gel in the built in Optic White Whitening Pen contains hydrogen peroxide, which is clinically proven to provide effective whitening beyond surface stains. Its unique stay on gel formula adheres to teeth to begin working immediately for whiter teeth in TWO DAYS!
  • Colgate Optic White PLATINUM Whiten and Protect Toothpaste ($4.29): This toothpaste deeply whitens below surface stains, for teeth that are three shades whiter in four weeks. The added benefit of the new advanced stain prevention technology, WhiteSeal, seals out new stains for noticeably whiter teeth.
  • Colgate Optic White PLATINUM White and Radiant Toothpaste ($4.29): Deeply whitens below surface stains, for teeth that are three shades whiter in four weeks. This toothpaste also adds shine with extra polishing brighteners for a noticeably brighter smile.
  • Colgate Optic White WhiteSeal Mouthwash ($2.99 8 oz, $5.99 16 oz, 7.29 32 oz): This mouthwash contains 2% Hydrogen Peroxide. It effectively whitens teeth, protects against future stains with advanced stain prevention technology, WhiteSeal, and kills bad breath germs.

I love things that can show me results quickly. I don’t have time to wait months on end to see a change, which is why I am loving these products. Especially the toothbrush and pen. They say you see results in two days, and I think they are correct! I have been using all of these products together and have been happy with what I am seeing. It hasn’t been four weeks yet, but since I have been using the pen and toothbrush it seems like I am seeing my teeth look whiter even quicker. I have used the whitening strips in the past and it always seemed like such a burden. These products are one that I would use in my teeth brushing routine anyway, so it’s easy to stick with the program!

Being a new mom of two who barely gets her hair brushed in the morning its nice to feel at least part of me is looking pretty. Nothing is better than a nice white smile, and if it takes a little help to get there then so be it!

I was provided with all of these products for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.