As you all know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having professional pictures of my family taken. I get so much joy out of looking at them and displaying them in my home. Photographers are able to capture expressions that I never could. It shows us, and my kids like they really are. So when it came time to find a photographer for my daughters newborn pictures I knew I had to pick well. I saw some pictures on a friends facebook page by Photos by JLM and contacted her right away. I was super happy that she was available to do the shoot, and after seeing the pictures I was not disappointed.

Jennifer Muller is a Long Island newborn and family photographer. Her background is as a teacher and you can tell because she has the patience of a Saint! My little girl is so calm and I assumed that she would fall right to sleep (like the always does) and be a pro during the shoot. But of course that’s not how it happened.  She struggled with falling asleep, and although she wasn’t crying or fussy, she wasn’t in that deep sleep that you need. If they are asleep you can mold them into the adorable positions, but that wasn’t in the cards for us. The good news is that during a small window of sleep she was able to capture a bunch! She sat on the floor shhing, and rocking my little girl until she fell asleep with no complaints. I was nervous…but she assured me we’d get the shots and we did.

Tessa, newborn-38

 Not only did I want pictures of our little princess, I also want family and more importantly pictures of my son and daughter together. With all the pictures we have had taken of our son he is now a pro. At first he says no, and then he will throw out some “blue steel” and get a great shot…

I think our little girl needs to learn a lesson from him! A great family shot was important to me too. It’s such a special time in our lives, and I wanted to document it. I was so happy to see Jen got this one…that’s the beauty of a shoot in your home. The ability to let the photographer do her job and just catch you in your natural environment. Although staged, the photo doesn’t really feel like it was.

Jennifer has a great portfolio of photos. She does Engagement, newborn, maternity, one year, holiday, special moments, and seasons. One session that I found fun was what she calls “The FRESH 48” . Here is her description:

The Fresh 48 is a special session where Jennifer comes to you in the hospital, or to your home, within the first 48 hours of delivery.  She photographs the baby meeting family members, such as their older siblings & grandparents for the first time, and other “firsts” such as the first bath, dad’s first diaper change, etc.  Jennifer will capture all of the new “fresh” details, such as the wrinkled feet and tiny fingers.  It gives mom the chance to clean up, eat a meal, and get some rest (?). 

All those “firsts” are so special, and having them photographed by a professional would ensure that you capture that moment in time forever.

The bad news is that Jennifer is booked for all her holiday mini sessions, but I highly recommend you keep her in mind for any of your other future events and moments you want photographed. Be sure to check out the Photos By JLM facebook page! It’s there that she will keep you updated on any specials going on.