Recently I have gotten comments from a few people asking why I used the form ALTER vs. the more standard wedding based ALTAR. I guess to be more specific I had one person tell me they thought the blog was about gender reassignment. My first reaction to that was how could they think that if they saw my blog…but then I realized that the tag line of “my life as a Mrs” could indicate that I was first a Mr. After that I was bummed.

So to clear everything up here is the background. When choosing a blog title one must consider many things. What is the blog going to be about? Does the web address already exist? Is it catchy? Well when starting, my husband and I thought of all these things and more. We made lists of ideas and finally came up with a brilliant plan.  We wanted to go with but it was taken..bummer! But we did find that afterthealter was free, and we decided that it was totally doable! If we used the word Alter instead of Altar, we could cover multiple meanings. At a first glance your eyes see that it means ALTAR as in life after getting married, but then when you see further you see it’s actually ALTER which means to change and that is exactly what happend in my life…it CHANGED!

I am pretty positive most people didn’t even notice that a church ALTAR is actually spelled with an A and therefore didn’t even see or recognize that the site is After The Alter…then I am sure there is those of you who did notice but decided not to question it….and finally there were the few who contacted me. I must say thank you because it made me realize that there were people who were confused and it has allowed me to clear things up via this post. So thank you!

So aren’t I very profound? Not really!! But at least it’s cleared up!