I’ve hit the big time folks!!! Ok not really, but After The Alter does have an all new look! And the new look has come just in time for my 100th post! It was meant to be!

I started this blog in February as an experiment. My husband has a secret blog (I know what it is but no one else does) and he loves writing for it. He has also learned alot about programming websites, and told me that he could set me up with a blog for minimal costs. So we went for it! I never imagined how much I would enjoy writing every day. Blogging is a great way to get my thoughts written down and it’s been wonderful to find that others ACTUALLY enjoy reading what I have to say!

I decided I wanted a banner to change the look of my blog. I had a vision of what I wanted, but I had no idea how to actually get it. So I contacted the woman who runs Frugal Rhode Island Mama and asked her who designed her banner…and she sent me to Victoria Arya who is also a blogger!  Her blog is Life Starring The Kids and Me. Victoria was great to work with! I told her my vision and she was able to make it come to life! For anyone interested in having a banner and badge created I highly recommend you contacting her. She can be reached through her blog.

My husband is the real reason for the all new site. I had the artwork, but from there I had no idea what to do….so…Husband to the rescue! He helped me pick a theme and was able to get it all put together. It was actually much more complicated than “putting it together” but I have no idea what he actually does? It’s all code and inserting plug ins and widgets…ya I said it…widgets…and really I would just say “I want it to be pretty”. That was pretty much my input…and from there the new site was created! So thank you to my wonderful husband!

So…go on, tell me what  you think? I think my housewife bride is very cute! So here you have it! My 100th post! Who knew I had so much to say?? (wink, wink)