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I live in an area where I believe a lot of people think they are better than everyone else. It drives me crazy regularly, but there is one thing some people do that really makes me frustrated. It’s not a huge thing by any means, but it drives me nuts and I just have to […]

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Random Thoughts: Let’s Bring Back The Fanny Pack

This post was inspired by a stream of messages that came across my personal facebook page. Basically it was a lot of people mocking me for my use of the word “fanny pack” while describing a Gucci inspired bag that I wore around my waist while at the Bronx Zoo. It may not be the […]

By | September 4th, 2012|random thoughts|2 Comments

Random Thoughts: When Older Isn’t Old

I came to a realization the other day that I found rather disturbing. It started as I watched the classy show “Love in the wild” (don’t judge). Jenny McCarthy is the host, and I gotta say I think she looks really good. I commented on that to The Captain, and we decided to look into […]

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