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Random Thoughts: Can I Still Rock To Regulate

Picture this…The suns out, the sunroof is open and it is a rare occasion that I am alone in the car with out my son. So I take the opportunity to pump up the tunes to an obnoxious level. On the radio comes Regulate…You know the song….Warren G…if not take a moment to listen to […]

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Random Thoughts: I Guess All Men Are The Same

Well ladies it’s official. No matter how “royal” someone is….all men are the SAME!!! Check out this video of the President of Finland’s husband checking out his wife’s boobs! He gives them a good stare, and then when she turns around…..He looks up like “la di da…look at that light!” hahahaha LOVE it! OK  just […]

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Random Thought: Goin In For One Thing..

I think its called karma..when I was little my mom used to make a "quick” stop in the grocery store saying she was going in for one thing only to return with multiple bags. It quickly became a joke in our house. Going in for “Milk” became like code! Fast forward many years, and I […]

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