How Fun Is This Site? Loving Polyvore!

Ok all you fashionistas! I found a wonderful site! (warning it can be addicting) The site is called Polyvore, and the site is super fun for those who like shopping online. Personally, I am not a huge online shopper because I hate not knowing how something looks when it actually is on me. But after […]

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Rockin The Bikini

 Why is it that American women are always so ashamed of their bodies? Have you ever been on a beach in Europe or on a Caribbean island and found both men and women wearing tiny bathing suits or nothing at all? Not to mention that those people are no where close to being super models, […]

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Things I Love Thursday: Vera Bradley Patterns

A little while back I was very hesitant about the line of Vera Bradley Products. At first glance the patterns were very bold and busy, and it just wasn’t my style. My sister loved the bags and started collecting a bunch of items in the same pattern. She was a fan of the Cambridge Pattern. […]

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Ridiculously Big Bags

Does anyone remember back in the day when the popular purses were those little wallet type ones? The ones that pretty much held some cash, credit cards and maybe a lipstick? I remember it well. I remember at that time my mom had a large purse and we would laugh at how “uncool” she was […]

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The Wonders of Crocs

I am new to the blogging world, but as I learn more and more about it I find it fascinating! I am a fan of the simple mom blog and received the new post to my e mail! This post was to commemorate her 10,000th subscriber! I couldn’t believe it. I could only dream of having […]

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