Fresh Produce Clothing: Perfect For Summer

When I think of summer clothes I think of anything that’s flowy, light and comfortable. I always think I look best in the summer because I find it easy to just throw on a long maxi dress and be on my way. In the winter my go to is always sweat pants. That is why […]

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Online Shopping..Yay? or Nay?

Now that I have an infant I notice I have less and less time to myself, and a lot less time to stroll around and shop. It was inevitable, and I knew what I was getting into, but it still sometimes puts a damper on my fashion choices. One way to make shopping easy is […]

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The “Trendy” Mom

Here on Long Island I am never at a loss to find mom’s who continue to try to be trendy no matter what their age. Even if it means trying to dress like her daughter. Yes, sometimes these “older” women hit the nail on the head, and can actually pull it off, but more often […]

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Frumpification of America

A while ago I was watching an Oprah episode that featured Tim Gunn from Project runway, and he was doing make overs. During the show Tim made a comment that really rang true to me. He called it “The Frumpification of America”. He said “If you want to look like you want to be in […]

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When Do I Get To Wear a Golden Globes Gown?

When I was planning my wedding and shopping for bridesmaids gowns my friends would all tell me that I kept choosing “golden globe dresses”. In other words I kept picking slinky dresses that only a size below zero actress would look good in. I know that they were right, and I would hate if someone put […]

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