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Dear Christian: 1 Year Old!

Dear Christian, Can you really be one already? It seems like yesterday that I was writing your first letter when you were one week old. You have come so far in 365 days. Each day has brought you so many new and exciting things. You’ve gone from an infant who slept all day, to a […]

By | December 12th, 2011|Dear Christian|2 Comments

Dear Christian: 11 Months Old

Dear Christian, I will admit I am having a little trouble with the fact that you are 11 months old. I just can’t believe it! That means in one more month you will be 1 years old. Where did the year go? My little boy is growing up! Over the last month you have learned […]

By | November 3rd, 2011|Dear Christian|2 Comments

Dear Christian: 10 Months Old

Dear Christian, Look at how big you are getting my little boy! Soon, you will be bigger then that bear! You see how you are smiling in that picture? That is a smile I see from you almost all day long. People ask me all the time “is he always that happy?”, and I am […]

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Dear Christian: 9 Months Old

Dear Christian, I am not sure where time has gone, but you are officially 9 months old! Every time I look at you I see more and more of a little boy and less of a baby. How does this happen? You had your first cold recently little guy. As a matter of fact you […]

By | September 7th, 2011|Dear Christian|1 Comment

Dear Christian: 8 Months Old

Dear Christian, Oh my little man….I have a feeling that I am going to say this a lot over the years to come, but I can’t help but say it now…I think I’d like to freeze time right now. Thus far, you can’t walk and hurt yourself, you can’t choke because you aren’t eating solid […]

By | August 9th, 2011|Dear Christian|1 Comment