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Dear Christian: 7 Months Old

Dear Christian, Your getting so big little man! I sometimes find myself looking back on pictures and videos of your first few weeks and I can’t even believe how much you’ve grown and changed. Everyone has told me each month gets better and better and I find that to be totally true. Soon enough you [...]

By | July 17th, 2011|Dear Christian|1 Comment

Dear Christian: 6 Months Old

Dear Christian, I can't believe we have reached your half birthday! Six month is such a huge milestone in so many ways, and here we finally are. Not that I didn't enjoy the days leading up to here, but I have to admit that I am truly enjoying you at this age.You are seeing and [...]

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Dear Christian: 5 Months Old!

Dear Christian, Happy five months little man! Time has always been moving fast, but as the months go on I feel it's moving even faster! Didn't I just write your 4 month old post? You are getting to be such a big little boy! Each day you find new things, and each day you bring [...]

By | May 3rd, 2011|Dear Christian|2 Comments

Dear Christian: 4 Months Old

Dear Christian, Happy 4 months little man! We have come so far together in such a short amount of time. Every day the world is showing you something new, and I am just so happy and lucky to share it with you. You are so curious and strong willed. I have so much more to [...]

By | April 5th, 2011|Dear Christian|3 Comments

Dear Christian: 3 Months Old

Sorry this post is a little late! Dear Christian, Happy 3 months little one! What a big boy you are becoming! I am enjoying you so much, and I love spending every single day with you. It is amazing to see your little personality come out, and I take so much enjoyment in watching you [...]

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