You know how they tell you to be spontaneous before you have kids…and by spontaneous I am talking about travel. (get your head out of the gutter you dirty people you) Since last month was a bust, The Captain and I decided it might be nice to fly out for our favorite type of vacation…an all inclusive vacation!!! I knew it was a long shot, but for some reason I believed that a last minute vacation deal, was a last minute vacation deal no matter when it happened…but as it turns out Presidents week is an exception. Everyone pretty much laughed at me when I tried to book a trip within our budget…bummer! So we were left to come up with a Plan B….and if you know me you know that Plan B and Jen don’t always work well together. I get a plan in my head….and changing that is tough. I know I WANT to go away, but I don’t know where? So now, my spontaneous trip may not work out at all…Why? Because this girl has trouble being spontaneous.

You may ask why I am insisting on going next week for our vacation. Well if you know anything about TTC you know it’s all about timing…so you do the math. But all that aside I really do want to have a nice carefree vacation with my husband…but when you are an idealist like me, I worry so much about making the new plans that I wonder if the trip will be relaxing at all. Then I figure…we have to leave in a couple of days so I have to book the trip,  make plans to have someone care for the dog, be sad that I’m leaving the dog, pack both suitcases, and hope that everything else goes smoothly. I get that only a neurotic like me has all these thoughts going through their head. Most people would LOVE that their husband is willing to go away, and that you both have the time to go away, and even better you have the MONEY to go away….so what’s the issue? I ask myself the same question every day. The issue is me, and the issue is my stupid brain.

I wanted to go somewhere warm where I could get a tan, and drink pina coladas….but since that isn’t in the cards I am stuck as to where to go? (if I want to go anywhere else) The North East is cold (and I am so TIRED of the cold). We can drive. Which can be good, and Tinkerbell can come..but do I want to spend my vacation money that way? Most of Florida is cold, the Carolina’s are cold. I have no interest in visiting the Midwest right now. We talked about California, but that is a LONG trip for a couple of days. I went to (vacation rentals by owner) and thought maybe we could rent a house in Napa Valley…but that’s scary too. I have ZERO clue about where to stay in Napa. So how do you make the best choice on where to stay? But does it even matter? Isn’t the most important thing that I am going away with Captain Awesome? Some of my favorite memories are our vacations together. Why can’t I focus on that?

So there are my crazy and irrational thoughts. If there are any guys reading this you can use this as my admitting that I can be crazy and irrational like you think all women are. Will we go away next week?? I still have NO idea. But I guess if we do go I can call myself spontaneous right?? Or is the fact that I am writing this post and considering all possibilities make it not spontaneous?? Either way…I’ll keep you posted.