I have always loved the ocean. I grew up taking family vacations at the beach, and to this day my family spends a week at the beach each year. I have to say I love almost everything about my beach vacations, and this year it’s gotten even better. This year I get to share one of my favorite things with my son. My little man gets to join me, The Captain, my parents, my brother, sister and her husband at the Jersey shore for the first time!

The shore life is made for me and my little man. It fits his schedule perfectly! And what fits his schedule certainly makes for a happy me. Not to mention that traveling with so many people who enjoy taking care of my son certainly gives mommy a much needed break.

We have many stations to entertain Christian. We have a blow up baby pool, the KidCo Go-Pod, the KidCo Pea Pod,  and a towel with lots of toys. Each spot gets about 7 minutes of attention if we are lucky. I decided to go with the Coolibar umbrella because it got the highest rating in Good Housekeeping’s umbrella reviews. It didn’t let me down! It really is 10 degrees cooler underneath!

I love to go to sleep listening to the sound of the ocean, and I love to sit on the deck and watch the waves crash. Each night we take a nice walk on the boardwalk, and for some reason no matter how much I hate to walk at home, at the beach it’s a perfect end to a great day.

Christian has adapted well to his new surroundings. He’s such a good little boy! With the rest of the week ahead of us we have a lot to look forward to. I certainly could get used to this!