I Want To Live In Stars Hollow

I am a HUGE fan of the show Gilmore Girls. The only season I watched as first run episodes was the last season. The rest of the episodes I watched as reruns on  ABC Family. As a matter of fact I have seen the show in it’s entirety at least 3 times through! I was so sad when the show ended and the story of Rory and Lorelei was finished. I never felt completely satisfied with the ending. But all that aside, I have decided that I want to live in Stars Hollow…I mean who wouldn’t?? I tell The Captain all the time that I want to move there, and that is around the time that he reminds me that it is a fictional place and doesn’t exist. But I think if there was ever a fictional town that would suit me perfectly I think it would be Stars Hollow…..anyone know of a place like this??

I think I am meant for small town life. I love going to places I frequent and having people know me and say hello. I only have one of these places and that is my UPS store that I go to every other day. Every other place around me is so busy that they wouldn’t know me from any other customer that comes in. Everyone in Stars Hollow knows each other. People walk through the streets, gossips and says hi to each other….The Captain always picks on me for waving to almost everyone in my neighborhood. I say why not be friendly?? 

Another reason I love Stars Hollow so much is Luke’s Diner. Somehow, Rory and Lorelai can afford to go and eat there for every meal. I would LOVE to be able to eat all that food! Not to mention that the place was in walking distance. We all know about my transportation issues

How about those town meetings? We all know how nosy I am! That would be a perfect way for me to get involved in other people’s business! 

Umm Hello!??? Theme events?? I LOVE seasonal events! The firefly festival, and founders day punch?? Sounds pretty perfect to me! 

All in all life just seems so nice and simple in the small town of Stars Hollow. Everyone knows your name, there isn’t tons of traffic (they only have 1 stop light for heavens sake!), and everything is in walking distance. I’m a simple girl, so all of this sounds just nice. When can we go??

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36 Responses to I Want To Live In Stars Hollow

  1. I just tweeted at you – I love, love, love “Gilmore Girls” too! One of my favourite shows to this day and I can watch re-runs of it for hours!

    Can I be the Sookie to your Lorelei?!

  2. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with this post. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a town like Stars Hollow. Let’s find a small town like that and move there!!

  3. That sounds absolutely fab to me too.

    I grew up in a small town like that but moved to the city you definately miss the homie feeling :).

    Stopping by from SITS.

  4. I LOVE that show too and would TOTALLY move there! My kids wold love Chilton i am sure of it!

    stopping by from SITS and going to go follow you!

  5. I kind of found them to be endearing:) Crazy neighbors are kind of funny…maybe I’m the crazy nosy neighbor of my neighborhood?? something to think about! lol

  6. Jesus People, Gilmore Girls is the worst show ever created. Seriously, I’d rather watch almost anything even the miserable General Hospital (at least there the people are attractive).



  7. I must apologize for Captain Awesome’s blasphemous comment. I will vouch that he hates the show, but I then always remind him he loves the show “family guy” which is rather ridiculous…so he should not throw stones!

  8. I was laughing while I was reading your post because I told one of my friends that I want to live in a place like Stars Hallow after watching an episode. It looks like it would be so much fun. However, Matthew feels the same exact way that Captain Awesome does about Gilmore Girls. I love the show and still watch the re-reruns on ABC Family. I agree with you that the ending of the show was disappointing, and I wanted to know more. Great post, Jen!

  9. Don’t apologize for me! WORST SHOW EVER!

    Family guy was nominated for an acadmy award for best comedy series, the creator is worth over $100mil…oh wait Gilmore girls won an emmy FOR MAKEUP way to go.

    It never even broke #100 in ratings! Just reaching #110 most watched show for the 2004 – 2005 season.

  10. Oh my goodness, I picked a few sites from SITS to browse while my kids are napping, and I’m so glad I found yours! I adore Gilmore Girls. It is so bad that I dvr the series every day so that I can watch the episode during naptime either that day or the next. I have seen it way too many times through, and my dream in life is to one day live in a place like Stars Hollow. I love this post!! Happy Friday 🙂

    Visiting from SITS 🙂

  11. I’m glad you did stop by Ashley! I am the same as you..I finally took a break for this round of seasons so that when it goes back to the beginning again it will be like new again! hahaha I’m sure when I have babies I will be watching it over..and over..and over!

  12. I enjoyed the show as well and would love to live in a town like that!

    I did get a little annoyed by all the stupid things Rory and Lorelei would whine about but I watched it from beginning to end when it was on the air.

    Visiting from SITS!

  13. Hi, stopping by from SITS! You have an adorable blog. I love finding other Newlyweds as I am one too! Stars Hollow would be a GREAT place to live I just love watching the Gilmore Girls too!

  14. Hey Jen! You and I are pretty much in alignment on EVERYTHING! I too loooove the Gilmore Girls, and would just love to live in Stars Hollow. First, I’ve always had an obsession with Connecticut…don’t really know why other than I feel like more of a Connecticut person than a California (where I live and grew up) person…does that make sense?
    Now, I do have to say that as much as I love lorelai and Rory…and watch the show any chance i get because as I always say to my hubby, it fills my stomach with warm fuzzies and makes me smile…BUT I don’t necessarily agree with her mothering style but hey…it’s just a tv show and one that never fails to make me feel happy. I wish I could raise my kids in a Stars Hollow-like small town instead of crappy ol’ Sacramento…hmm, maybe someday!
    Have a good weekend, Jen!

  15. I absolutely love that show too!!! Always dreamed of finding a Stars Hollow. I looked into it and it is loosely based on Essex,Wallington & Washington, towns close to Hartford in CT. And the pilot was filmed ten min from where I grew up (main street in Unionville, Ontario)! Was so sad when series ended but have em all on DVD so now when I’m bedridden from fibro or endo, at least I have lorelei and rory’s company!! Even dh watches sometimes!

    • I don’t know how i missed commenting back on this…sorry!!! I had no idea where it was based on. How fun! So the town by you looks like stars hollow??? Lorelei and rory are always great company!

    • I just came back from a trip to Unionville and saw where some of the Gilmore Girls pilot was shot and it was amazing! I’m obsessively trying to find the address of the house they used for Rory & Lorelei’s house in the pilot. Anyway, I read this comment and wanted to say that I’m bedridden too and also have fibro and endo and GG truly helps me as well. 🙂

  16. I think all the true (fans) should get togather and start our own Stars Hollow, lol. I wish they would do a spin off on lukes diner. I dont think they know that we watch it for the townies just as much as to see thr girls.

    • We totally should make our own Stars Hollow 😉 I would love to eat at Luke’s diner every day…but how do they afford it money wise and calorie wise..the way those girls ate baffeled me! lol

  17. I liked Gilmore Girls as well. I remember passing by Connecticut once and thought it would be so sweet to live around a place like that.

  18. I absolutley love gilmore girls! I own every season!! I have been looking to move, and I am trying to find a place like Stars Hollow. Has anyone done any research that can let me know here. I live in Florida, and Im tired of it here. If so please comment and let me know!! Thanks

    • I saw your comment BrookeSiskey! What town are you talking about that is just like Stars Hollow? =) I am looking for something of that vibe to move to!

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