I am a very avid reader (if by avid you mean reading about a chapter at night before bed), and I love books. I always have. My book club failed, and I was bummed about that because it started to force me to get out of my reading comfort zone, and try different types of books. I want to try to continue to read outside the box, and I think a good way to get me to do that is to post on here about what I am reading, and hear from you about the books you have liked and read. So here is the start to the series of posts that I will call….What Am I Reading? (Very original huh?)

My Current Book

I am currently reading “Barbara Walters Audition: A memoir”. I am a huge fan of biographies and memoirs for some reason. I find people fascinating, and I love to read about their personal stories. If you ask me which I like better I have to lean towards Memoirs, because you can find so many interesting stories out there from people who are not necessarily famous, but still have a great story to tell. Writer’s Digest explains the difference between the two this way.

In some general contexts, memoir and autobiography can be used interchangeably. However, when publishing houses note a difference, they’re making the following distinction: autobiography focuses on the writer’s entire life, whereas memoir focuses on a certain aspect of it

So back to Barbara Walters. I find her absolutely fascinating. She was a woman who took the television world by storm when women were not treated as equals. She interviewed some of the most famous people in the world; Politicians, actors/actresses and world leaders. I find this book to be well written and easy to read and follow. She is extremely honest about her life, and all her success’ and failures. It’s refreshing.

I have never written a book review, so I am not sure about how much information to give. I guess being that this is not a fictional story, I can breathe easier to know that I can in no way give away the plot, or the ending. Especially since Barbara is still a living and breathing member of society. But since this is my first go at it I will leave you with this. If you are interested in reading something other than fiction, and want to learn about this woman who pretty much paved the way for women in television and news, then I say this book is definitely worth the read!

So what are you reading? If you read this book please share your thoughts. If you haven’t but are reading something else that is good, let me know about it! Maybe I’ll read it next.