FINALLY!!! I feel like I have been blabbing on about wanting to go on a vacation for months, and finally the time has come that I get to go on one! For months and months while TTC I was holding off on booking a vacation for Captain Awesome and I to go on, because I was worried I’d be pregnant and feeling morning sickness, or the timing just didn’t work out. All the reasons pretty much sucked, but still, we didn’t book a trip. Once we found out I was pregnant we waited till we got the good news from the doctor that the pregnancy was progressing as planned. Then we booked it! Where are we going you ask?? Sarasota Florida!

June is a big month for me and The Captain. June 14th is our 2 year anniversary, and June 24th is my 30th birthday. So needless to say we have a lot to celebrate this month. When people asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday I wasn’t sure. If I was pregnant a big birthday booze bash just didn’t seem to fit, and now that I really am pregnant….getting bombed in celebration REALLY doesn’t fit! So we decided instead of putting the money towards a party, we’d rather spend it by going away on a vacation together.

I always get these huge ideas in my head. Kind of like what we plan has to be so super special, that in the end nothing can compare to what I imagine. I hate that I do that. I knew that I didn’t want to go outside of the country. I was worried about drinking the water elsewhere, and I wanted to know if anything happened that I was in America and could get to a doctor. So that narrowed the field, but it also took away our usual favorites….Dominican, Mexico, and Jamaica. All inclusives are my absolute favorite, but we had to find something else. We came up with Hilton Head, but according to our Travel Agent it was going to be out of our budget for the accommodations we wanted. Then a friend of mine mentioned Long Boat Key Florida, so after speaking to the travel agent again we found a great deal in Sarasota Florida! Guess which hotel?? The Ritz Carlton! How fun is that? I don’t think I’ll ever again get to say I stayed at the Ritz!

So the trip is set, and we leave Saturday! We have so many great things to celebrate and I am so happy to celebrate them with my Captain Awesome! I hope Pooh Bear likes the sun!!! This body needs some color!!

If anyone is looking for a good Travel Agent I highly recommend Travel Tom! He works for American Express Travel and is the best travel agent I have ever worked with, and trust me, I am demanding and it takes a lot to make me happy when it comes to travel. Especially since most of the time I have NO idea where I want to go! He is amazing to work with. You can reach him at . Don’t worry, you don’t have to be from the area, I’ve never actually met him and we speak via phone and e mail.