womans body

As women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone. The perfect wife, the best mother, the best friend, co worker…the list goes on. One of biggest things we worry about is how other people see us, because sometimes, that is more important than how we see ourselves. But why do we do it? If we did everything because it made us feel good I’d say more power to ya! But personally, I think most people try so hard for everyone else. I think it’s time we as women say that we are done trying to be 110 lbs (if you aren’t supposed to be)….done wearing ridiculous high heels….done getting our hair down every couple of weeks….and here’s my favorite….feeling pretty damn good in a pair of sweat pants. Why? Because…

This Woman’s Body…

Gave birth to a son… That’s right! I carried a baby around in my belly for 9 months! That changed my body and I’m OK with that.

Gained weight to nourish the baby in my belly…It took 9 months to put on that weight. Why do women get so hung up on losing it right away? It takes time, and that’s OK!

Nursed my son for a year…that means my breasts will never be the same. The Captain is polite about it but I can see that they are different. It’s weird, but that’s OK!

Wears sweatpants most days…Of course I do! I sit on the floor every day to play with my son. Should I be wearing a skirt and heels? No way! Why not roll and play in comfortable clothes? I know he doesn’t mind one bit, and neither do I!

Loves flat shoes…Sure, it’s nice to dress up and wear heels to feel pretty, because let’s face it… A women’s leg looks 10 times better in heels. But day to day who can bare it? Not this girl! I am pretty positive not many women can rock the heels and still manage to cart a 13 month old up and down stairs, or maneuver through the grocery  aisle while distracting that same 13 month old from throwing themselves out of the cart….but I digress…

Gets no mani/pedi…It’s not that I CAN’T do it, it’s that I just don’t have the time or even want to. Even if I did get my nails polished like I used to weekly, I can pretty much guarantee that they would chip in a day. And you know what? Who cares if my nails aren’t painted? I don’t! And I don’t find it relaxing either…so I stopped.

I promise you I like to get all prettied up when the time comes. I love to look pretty for my husband on a date night, and it’s fun to feel good when going out with my girlfriends. But on an every day basis I try not to worry about it. Maybe I should care more but I don’t. Who am I impressing at the grocery store? The answer is no one important!

So we as women need to feel good about the body we have NOW. Not the body we wish we had, or the body that we had 5 years ago. It doesn’t exist in the now…so move on. Do what makes you feel good….put on those sweat pants and breath a nice sigh of relief…put on some flats…I know your feet will thank you…..and enjoy your day!

The bottom line…do what it takes to make YOU feel good about yourself. Life is hard enough with out you beating yourself up daily.

What makes you proud about your body?