When I was thinking about what to write for this weeks Things I Love Thursday Post, I kept thinking about this wonderful eye shadow set that I got for Christmas. The bummer is that it was a special “Christmas Time” product and therefore doesn’t exist anymore. But after looking into it I found something similar and thought that I would share. I LOVE the Sephora Brand make up kits!

When Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas I was browing through a magazine and found this eye shadow kit. It had like 50 different shades of eye shadows, all in one nice case. It was perfect! I tend to stick to browns and purples, but always like to experiement but I don’t want to buy a bunch of different two color sets…so when I stumbled upon this set I thought it was great! And the good news was it wasn’t expensive! Not when you think of what it would cost to buy 50 shades of eyeshadow! I have been using it since then and the colors are great!

Take the Sephora Brand Palet that appears in the picture on this post.

Sephora Brand Set Contains

– 20 x eyeshadow shades
– Compact powder
– 4 x blush shades
– 24 x lip gloss shades
– 2 x double-ended applicators
– 2 x lip gloss brushes
– Powder and blush brush
– Built-in mirror
– Sleek compact case

And it’s only $34! Just think how great this kit would be to travel with? You have your make up needs all in one little compact case! I think Sephora is great in general since you can get so many great brands all in one store, and they have everything out so you can try. That part is my favorite. I am actually a huge sucker when it comes to make up…and even a bigger sucker when they offer to put the make up on me..I must have a sign on my forehead that reads WILL BUY WHATEVER MAKE UP YOU PUT ON ME. But the bright side with this product is that it’s all in one!

So next time you are in Sephora don’t pass by the Sephora brand. They are great products and best of all you won’t break the bank when you buy them. To other things people love check out the Diaper Diaries Things I love Thursday.