I wanted to participate in The Diaper Diary’s Things I love Thursday event. After writing my post yesterday about the things I am thankful for, I was able to keep those thoughts in my head today and it made me happy. Therefore, I wanted to continue those happy feelings and talk about one of the things I love…and that’s Pet Photography!





Pet Photography for Tinkerbell

A Couple of years ago I found out about this woman who was looking to get into pet photography. Her name is Christine Romano.  She is a seasoned photographer, and already ran a photography business (Christine Romano Photography) but wanted to build her “pet photography” portfolio. So my husband and I brought our Tinkerbell to her first try at being a model. (I think she should be in movies and TV but so far no agents have approached us)  Our friends laughed, but Tinkerbell is our baby, and I have always wanted a professional to capture her in a photo so we can have it forever. So we did. It was such a great experience! Here’s our little girl! Every time I look at these pictures I smile. I of course bought a bunch for myself, these are just a few! Just imagine what will happen when we have our own children!

Pet Photography for Charity

I never really thought much about the good you could do with a talent for photography, but Christine also volunteers her time at an animal shelter, where she photographs the dogs and cats so that they can be posted online. This way, more people get to see these wonderful animals and hopefully take them home. I have a huge soft spot for shelter animals, or any animal that needs a good and loving home, but we can save that speech for another post. I think the fact that this woman’s passion can do some good for these little guys is partly why I love pet photography so much! Not to mention I love when the pictures get posted on Facebook! What it also does it make me want more dogs, but my husband has put his foot down on that one! (click on the image to see bigger)



So there you have it! I LOVE pet photography! Do you have a little fur baby that want to have photographed? Well I am pretty positive Christine would love to hear from you! Let her know you heard about her from After the Alter!

So you can check out other things that people love at The Diaper Diary’s blog site! I’ll be sure to add my post over there too!

So what are some things that you love?