Easter is upon us, and for those of us with out of town family, it’s time to hit the road and travel to the family homestead! Pennsylvania here we come!

I am actually pretty lucky. My husband and I celebrate Easter on different days. That is, we do most years. (It falls on the same date every couple of years) The reason for this is that he is Greek Orthodox, and their Easter falls on a different day then it does for Catholics (which I am). So luckily this holiday does not cause a strain in our relationship, and we will be traveling to stay with my parents in Pennsylvania.

Traveling for the Holidays

I am told that someday, when we have kids, that I will no longer want to travel for the holidays….but so far, I can’t imagine that to be true. I understand that it’s great for a husband and wife to start their own traditions, but I believe that I can share my most favorite traditions with my husband, and that can be just as special.

I am pretty much a child when it comes to the holidays, and get excited for weeks in advance. I am not sure if it’s the holiday itself (other than Christmas which I am sure it’s the holiday itself) or if it’s the fact that I get to travel to PA and see my family. I love going to the house I grew up in. I love sleeping in my room. I love being taken care of by my parents. Being that I am the main “caregiver” in my house, it’s wonderful to be taken care of…and mommy and daddy always step up! It’s nice that I can be together with my brother and sister too.

This year my brother is currently traveling Europe, so he will not be joining us. He’ll be thoroughly missed, but I am pretty positive that Italy will take care of him. My sister and her boyfriend will be there, and I always have so many laughs with my sister. No matter how old we get…we can still both get kicked out of dinner for laughing too much.  My family laughs a lot when we are together.

My husband is a good sport. When my family gets together…we are constantly together. We are wonderful sitters. My family time…is complete and total family time. I don’t get to see them regularly, so we are together the WHOLE time. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So off we go on our long weekend. The husband, Tinkerbell and me….our family.

What are your Easter traditions? Do you spend it at home? Do you travel?