So like last week I am going to participate in The Diaper Diaries, Things I Love Thursday! I enjoyed sharing last week about my love for Pet Photography, and I think this is a great opportunity for me to share about the things that make me happy. This week’s thing is something so small, and so simple, but it’s something that I truly love. Evening walks with my husband and my dog.

Evening Walks with My Family

As the weather starts to warm up (if only it would happen faster), the winter chill starts to disappear, and the days get longer, my little family embarks on a little tradition. After dinner is eaten and the kitchen in cleaned up we grab the leash and the little doody bags and take our Tinkerbell on a short walk. Our neighborhood isn’t that big, but it’s perfect for a 4 lb Pomeranian since her little feet can’t handle long walks. She gets so excited when she knows we are going to go outside. It’s funny how you can see excitement in a dog. She walks so proud as we make our loop around the neighborhood.

It’s also a nice time for me and my husband. I appreciate the fact that he walks with us. I find it’s a great opportunity to talk about our day (even though we talk to each other a million times throughout the day). And that’s one thing I love about us. We always have something to talk about or share.

So what is it that you love? Take this opportunity to let others know what makes you happy!