This post was inspired by a few of the blogs that I read Daily. The latest is from the blog To Love Honor and Vacuum. I follow this blog everyday! Check it out!

I tried to think of a catchy title for this post, but decided that simply put I want to talk about Porn. I have been following many blogs recently, and have seen a bunch of posts about how awful porn is to a marriage, and how it sets unrealistic standards. As I looked to the comments on these posts I was shocked to see how many people agreed with these thoughts! I was going to say my piece about how I personally feel about porn, but got embarrassed by the fact that I would be the minority. Therefore, I decided to use my own blog to start up a discussion about this issue.

My View on Porn

Normally, I don’t think about Porn, I know it’s there, I know it’s a successful industry but I myself do not see the draw of porn. I am well aware that men LOVE porn, and that this obsession with naked women starts when they are teenagers (maybe even sooner). But this post isn’t about that. This post is to discuss if porn is really the reason that some marriages break up. My question is, as adults, can’t we separate fact from fiction?

Reality vs Fiction

Ok, as a woman I love to watch romance movies. A movie where a man sweeps his woman off her feet, plans candlelight dinners, and buys flowers. He looks handsome, and says all the right things. To me, this is porn. But you know what? I can separate the fact that this is this a movie…that it’s not real, and that my husband (who I love) is never going to be Brad Pitt, or Hugh Jackman, or Robert Pattinson, or any other man who stars in Romantic movies. Will the fact that he doesn’t always do the things in those movies hurt my marriage? The answer is no! And do you want to know why? Because I know that it’s not real life. It’s a story, and they are characters.

Now back to Porn. Many of the blogs I am reading are saying that because men watch porn, they set unrealistic standards for their wives, and therefore feel that their marriage is lacking. And this is why they go out and cheat. You know what I say to the men who use this as an excuse?? GROW UP! Am I to believe that you think that robot aliens are going to come from outer space just because you watched the movie Transformers? I certainly hope not, and the same goes for porn.

So I open it up to you. My husband thought it was bold of me to post about this topic, but I really did want to throw it out there. Do you believe that porn is the downfall of some marriages? Am I missing something? Can we really blame this industry for the rising divorce rate?