A few months ago I signed up to become a Bzz Agent. I am sure many of you will question what a Bzz Agent is, as did I. What it is is a forum for people to use word of mouth to promote new products. You take a survey to see what type of things are you into, and if you fit the criteria for any of the new products you are contacted. Then, you try the product and are supposed to then spread the word about said product. So after signing up I didn’t hear from anyone for a while. Then two weeks ago I was contacted to be a Bzz Agent for the Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain. At first I was just excited to get a FREE sample of the product, but once I got it in the mail and tried it…I LOVED it!

The way to describe it best is it’s like a marker. It’s different than a lipstick because it’s a lip stain. Therefore, it’s meant to stay put! And let me tell you it did! I was a little nervous because lipstains in the past have dried out my lips. This is not the case with this at all. I was in a wedding last week and as it turned out the color I requested worked well with the red dresses we were wearing. I brought it to the woman who was doing my make up and she loved it! She applied the outlast lipstain first (with out needing a liner) and put on a top coat of gloss! The gloss isn’t very necessary, but it was a nice touch. The great thing was that my lips looked like it had on lip color all night with out me having to reapply every time I had a drink!

So here are the main reasons I love this product:

  1. It didn’t dry out my lips
  2. It looked like I had nice color on my lips while still being natural
  3. It stayed put throughout the day
  4. It has a very yummy smell ?

You can find the product at most drug stores and the suggested retail is $7.29. A bargain if you ask me! I am happy that I actually liked the first product I was given to spread the word about because I will be honest, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be spreading the word!

So as a woman who usually only will wear lip gloss, and can’t stand lipstick. I can now recommend the Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain. I definitly recommend giving it a shot!

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