For those that know me it’s no big surprise that I am an extremely picky eater. I have gotten ALOT better over the years, but sometimes I go to a restaurant and I am reminded at how low class I really am. For example…this weekend a couple who is very good friends with The Captain and I took us out to dinner at Peter Lugers steak house to thank The Captain for some legal work he did for them. If you aren’t familiar with the restaurant it is extremely nice and rather expensive, and has an amazing reputation for great steak. It really is a meat lovers dream come true, but this girl sat there and ordered french fries….what’s up with that?  

Fancy restaurants are lost on me sometimes. Especially when I am just as happy to eat at Friday’s….but this time it was nice to get dressed up and go out with some friends. We looked at the menu and our friend raved about the shimp scampi, and I thought to myself…well I’m out! But I didn’t want to punish everyone else for my less than sophisticated palet, so I told them to order whatever they wanted. I just ate the bread. (which in reality was more than fine with me!) It’s amazing how excited I get over those little flat bread things? Do you know what I’m talking about? Those are my favorite! (yes you read that right, I get excited over the free flat bread while everyone else is eating shrimp scampy). But I digress…

I will admit the steak is amazing! It really is like butter..easy to cut and chew and so flavorful. I am glad that they allowed me to get the french fries though, because although the steak is good I always need at least one side to go with my meal. I am a HUGE sides fan! Sometimes I like them better than the main meal!

So sometimes I am just Bush League (definition? not of the highest quality or sophistication)…whatever, does that make me a bad person? Sometimes it drives The Captain nuts because he can appreciate food so much more than I can, but what can I do? I try!