dolphin houseDo you have a place away from your home that makes you happy? A place that you can go so the stresses of every day life just go away? I do. In Sea Isle City New Jersey at Dolphin House (what’s what they call it). My family has spent a week here every year for the past 8 years, so it pretty much feels like ours. It’s a place where I feel almost stress free and for that I am truly thankful to my parents for bringing us there every year. It’s a tradition I can’t wait to continue.

The beach life is one that I wish I could always live. We walk everywhere…listen to the waves every morning and night from our balcony…and play out in the sand and sea all day. Well not really the last part this year, but it’s true for the most part.

As always I feel more stress free around my family. There is always a hand to help take care of our little man. When you share a house with so many people there is always someone to pick up the slack! Meals? I was in charge of cooking 1…the rest were taken care of! Every night could even end in ice cream. What’s better than that?

This year the weather was less than to be desired. Actually, it was probably the worst week weather wise we have ever had. It’s a real bummer. My only saving grace is that my 2 1/2 year old son was just as happy inside playing with his uncle Matt than being outside. Uncle Matt can create fun wherever he goes. I am sure if Christian were a bit older it would be hard to tell him he can’t play on the beach due to weather.

The week goes by way too fast for my liking. I look forward to that week all year…and not it has come and gone. How can that be? Each year is more fun with the little dude. Each year he enjoys the beach more and more, and The Captain and I enjoy watching him experience it all. He is such a joy. Thankfully my whole family agrees!

I guess I have a whole other year ahead of me before I get to go to my happy place again. So much could change and happen during this year before I get to good ol’ Dolphin House again. But as always I will look forward to being there again.