The other weekend Captain Awesome and I took our longest getaway from our son since he was born. In the past 18 months we have spent 2 separate nights away. One for a wedding, the other for a funeral and although it was extremely difficult to force myself out of the house, I knew that both me and The Captain needed this “alone” time away together. So we hopped in the car and began our trip to Montauk!

When I first started this blog I wanted it to have a theme about the importance of keeping your marriage strong no matter what. I really believe that a happy marriage makes for a happy family, and in order to keep your marriage strong you need to take time as husband and wife to step back from all the crazy, and enjoy each other. That is EXACTLY what The Captain and I did.

We basically had no plans at all. We had a hotel room, and that was about it. My mom and dad came to our house to watch our little man, so I knew he was in good hands. I think my exit went pretty well. I didn’t even cry! Some of you may think I am insane to care so much about leaving, but you have to understand that I am with this little guy all day 7 days a week. He is pretty much another appendage of mine, and I like it that way. It was hard for me to leave…but I did it!

So we hit the road and stopped in Southampton along the way for a bite to eat and mimosas. We continued our trip and made another stop at a beautiful vineyard. It was so fun just taking the ride and not worrying about when we got there. At one point we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts and we realized that we BOTH could get out of the car! Normally, we don’t find it worth it to take the little man out of the car seat so one of us goes in and one of us waits…but not this time!! Funny how the little things can be so exciting!

Montauk is a wonderful little town. The Captain and I loved sitting at an outdoor bar called The Sloppy Tuna and doing some day time drinking. It reminded us both of how much fun we can have together. We have always had fun, and still do, but that fun takes a back seat sometimes to being a mom and dad. But not on this trip. I am not sure my body was able to hang like it used to…but I have it a great shot!

Although I had a fantastic time, and enjoyed being relaxed and sleeping till the late hour of 8 am (ya I know I can’t believe I couldn’t sleep later!), I was ready to get back to see my little guy. I had such a great time with my husband, and it’s always good to remember to have fun with one another. And that we did. We would DEFINITELY visit Montauk again. Maybe next time the little man can come too!

So where should Captain Awesome and I go next???