Back to life…Back to reality!! Booo that’s all I have to say! Some people find that after a while they get bored on vacation, but I am not one of those people. I think I’d do very well on a permanent vacation, but since that only happens in my dreams, it’s time to get back to the real world. That’s right folks, my stay at the Ritz in Sarasota Florida is over, and we had a marvolous time!

As I mentioned in my previous post about going on vacation, Captain Awesome and I decided we wanted to stay in the US since I was pregnant, and didn’t want to risk any issues with the water in other foreign countries like Mexico. Just wasn’t worth the risk in my book, and after speaking with our travel agent we decided to go to a place we’ve both never been…Sarasota Florida. The flight there on Jet Blue was surprisingly effortless and we arrived in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Not bad at all! We were even upgraded to the “more leg room” seats since it turns out Jet Blue doesn’t have first class (yes I felt like an idiot when I asked if we could be upgraded to first class and got a “maam, Jet Blue doesn’t have first class”.  We got a great deal at The Ritz Carlton Sarasota, and we couldn’t wait to get there.

Sarasota was SUPER HOT and HUMID! I guess that’s why people asked us why we’d go there in June. It was about 97 degrees with 100% humidity. I love the heat, but this was a bit much. It wasn’t so so bad when we were by the pool, but during the times we wanted to sight see a bit it was unbearable. Luckily this girls body, who doesn’t know how to sweat, figured out it was necesary. Especially for little Pooh Bear. Don’t worry, I was sure to be careful.

The Room Upgrade Incident

Yes, it’s an incident. Being that it was our anniversary and we were also there to celebrate my 30th birthday we decided to try for an upgrade. Why not? The Captain spoke to someone before our arrival who said they were booked and to ask on Monday. I was told the same thing on check in. Now when you think of an upgrade what do you picture? I personally picture an upgrade being a regular room to more of a suite. So on Monday I go down to the reception desk and the woman is proud to tell me that we have been upgraded. Woo hoo! I ran upstairs to our room to tell the Captain and quickly began repacking all of our stuff (which by the way was all over the room). We slapped high five for being upgraded at the Ritz and proceeded 1 floor above to floor 6…..turns out the room was right across the hall from our previous room. When I saw that I laughed and said “wouldn’t it be funny if it was the same?” I laughed too soon…we entered the same room. What was the upgrade?? A better view..Here are the two views..

We went from city views, to pool/bay views. Definitely nicer, but not worth packing up my whole room for. I kind of went downstairs and threw a hormonal pregnat (ok not really a fit, but I did express my unhappiness) Luckily the manager was very sweet and later sent up a bottle of wine (which I could not enjoy) for the confusion. We then laughed about the “incident” for the rest of the week.

Our Anniversary

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on our actual anniversary. Monday June 14th. We made reservations at the hotels restaurant, because we figured that the Ritz had to have good dining. That evening chocolate covered strawberries were delivered to our room complements of the hotel, and every person we encountered that day wished us a happy anniversary. The hotel is definitely good at the small things. (through our stay we got welcome cookies, anniversary chocolate covered strawberries, extra dessert at our anniversary dinner, I got a birthday cake, and a 2nd birthday cake with a candle at dinner that night) The restuarant offered a price fixe menu which we love since we get 3 full courses, and they were great at spreading out each course so we could fully enjoy our evening together. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Sarasota in General

Sarasota was perfect for what we were looking for. We wanted a very low key relaxing vacation and that is what we got. I felt like the town was pretty dead, and was told that June is the low season there. You could definitely tell. I wasn’t very impressed with downtown Sarasota, but St. Armands Circle was such a cute little town. My only complaint there is how early the stores closed? I was baffeled! We went out around 7 to eat dinner (normal time) and alot of them were closed? It was way too hot to be out and browsing the stores in the heat. The evenings would’ve been perfect. Our days went like this. Captain Awesome likes to sleep in more than me, so I would get up and go to the pool at the hotel. I would wake him up and around 11 we would go over to the Ritz beach club where we would spend our days till about 3:30. Then we would go back, I would nap then we would shower and get ready for our evening. And since this girl is preggers I was ready for bed around 11! (ok so maybe before 11 but I tried!) Bottom line? I’m not sure June is the best month to visit Sarasota…but it’s still a very cute town, but certainly not cheap! We had to hunt down a McDonalds (which of course we did).

I really enjoy every vacation with Captain Awesome. We have the best time when we are away together. I love that when we are gone nothing else really matters, and we only focus on the stuff around us. But now we are back, and with us came a bunch of great memories. I’m glad we got to take this trip before little Pooh Bear comes. It definitely was a much CALMER vacation than we are used to, but I guess that is what happens when you are preggers! No alcohol for this girl! (definitely very different! lol)

We made sure to take pictures to show Pooh Bear someday that he or she was with us on this vacation!