I am extremely frustrated with all the hoopla going on surrounding the Zimmerman trial. I will be honest and admit that I watched a bunch of it while away on vacation with my family, but I have to blame my dad on this one. He is truly addicted to court TV and got us all sucked into the case…but I digress. I am bothered by the fact that it has brought in the issue of race. This issue makes people believe that they are better than others, that they aren’t racist at all..but to that I call shenanigans! I don’t care who you are..you have at one point in your life been racist. Maybe not black and white…but in some way you have judged others based on what they look like. And if you deny it, I won’t believe you.

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

Take a look at this video from the Broadway show Avenue Q. I think this video pretty much sums up my random thought.

Do we forget how many ethnicities  have been put down over the years? Ask the Native Americans! Ask the Irish who were shamed and sent to the ghettos when they arrived in this country. We all come from somewhere. We all have a background, and most likely all of those people have been put down in one form or another in the past. My great grandma turned her nose up at my father when he wanted to marry my mother and said “humph Irish”. Isn’t that judgment?

Have you seen the movie Crash? Great movie..something to watch. Maybe it will show you all how you are all racist in some way. So get off your high horses and stop pretending like you are better than others. We all are racist in some way shape or form. Is it right? No way…it’s not. But to think you are better than others because you think you are “less racist” then they are well shame on you….

Rant over…