I have always wanted to get a portrait done of my little dog Tinkerbell. She has been such a HUGE part of my life, I thought it was only fitting to get drawn so that she can live forever. Well The Captain nixed that idea because he said he wasn’t paying all that money to get it done. I did convince him once to allow Tinkerbell to get professional portraits taken by a pet photographer, but at that time we were lucky enough to find a woman who was building her pet portfolio so the cost was pretty cheap. So that left me with no Tinkerbell Portrait…that is till now!

I recently was reading blogs, and stumbled upon Coleen of Muralmaker1 . I was very impressed with her work, and decided to contact her to see if we can do a little bartering. I asked her if she would do a portrait of my Tinkerbell in return for ad space on my blog…and she said YES! I was so excited to get this done. All I had to do was send her some pictures of Tinkerbell. I decided to just do a head shot, so I sent her what I had. And look what she came up with! Yes folks that little dog in the picture above is my little Tinkerbell. It may be hard to see it but the attention to detail is amazing! Every little whisker is accounted for, and she really captured the color and look of her eyes. You can tell that she is my little Diva just by looking at them! I can’t wait to get it in a frame (I have to find the perfect one) and display it in my home.

Colleen also does a bunch of other artistic things that I find very interesting. She makes murals, that one could put up in a nursery, and has them sent to you! This way they aren’t drawn on your wall, and you can put it up and take it down at will! How cool is that?

What is even better is that she offers a registry program!  How fun! You can contact her, tell her what you want, and then other people can buy it for you! I think it’s a wonderful gift idea for anyone having a baby. Your nursery will be the talk to all your friends. (hey I even want one and I don’t have a kid yet!)

It’s not just nurseries…she does Wall Murals , Painted Tapestries , Accessories  , Kids , and of course Pets !

She is a wonderful lady and great to work with. You can contact Colleen at [email protected] . Or you can click on her button that appears on my right sidebar! She’s one of my newest advertisers!  Another fun way to follow her work is through her blog! She talks about some really cool things over there. I hope you check it out! I know I certainly love my portrait!