This was supposed to go up last week…ooppss

In my family the job of packing for every trip falls entirely on me. It’s a job I took on for my husband very early in our marriage, and now it seems it’s one I can’t give back. Now, we have a son, and the job has gotten even bigger. There are so many things I need to think about to be sure he’s taken care of and most of all comfortable while we are away. So when a trip is in our future, whether big or small, I am in charge of making sure all of us have what we need. Today we are leaving for Aruba, and packing began a long time ago. I just hope that I was able to think of everything, and even anticipate what COULD be wanted or needed. Here we go!

I find it funny that Captain Awesome sees packing as no big deal. It’s probably because it’s always been done for him. I asked him about what he was bringing as a carry on and he told me his work briefcase (which is rather small). Mind you…I have a HUGE tote carry on. When asked what is going in his carry on he said “my computer”. Oh really? Is that all you need? My HUGE carry on is filled with nothing for me. It’s filled with a TON of toys to occupy my son, extra clothes for my son, diapers, wipes, snacks…bottom line it’s filled and HEAVY. But I had to think ahead as to what my son may need for our 4 1/2 hour trip. I can pretty much guarantee no thought of the plane ride actually passed through The Captain’s mind.

I wanted to be sure to pack as light as possible. When it was just The Captain and I travelling we would each carry our own suitcase and carry on and be on our way. Now…we each had a suitcase..PLUS a stroller and best of all a running toddler. Needless to say I couldn’t over pack. I was able to get all of our things into 2 suitcases. If you know me that was a HUGE effort. My suitcase has my clothes as well as my sons. The other has Captain Awesome’s clothes and the extras…diapers, swim float, wipes…and so forth.

I have read so many posts on the “how to’s” of traveling with children. I hope to be able to write about what worked for me after the fact, but for now I am just “winging it”. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I flew with my son when he was 10 months old, but I have a feeling it will be very different with a 2 year year old who doesn’t sit still. Let’s hope I thought of everything for everyone and I packed correctly. It’s time to embark on this adventure!