In today’s world there is amazing technology to help you throughout your pregnancy. Sometimes I am left to wonder whether or not the technology just exists to give pregnant women anxiety. When everything is going as planned, my vote goes to the fact that it is helpful and gives you a piece of mind. Same goes for when something is found wrong. Especially when finding out early allows you to fix the problem. But when something is seen as “odd” or “abnormal”, my tune chages and I wonder if it’s all worth the extra stress. In the case of Pooh Bear and our Fetal Echo, I am going to say that it gave me a bunch of uneeded stress.

I have heard so many stories where a pregnant woman goes to a normal sonogram appointment only to find out that something seems a little “off”. Whether it be markers for down syndrome, Trisomy or low birthrate, you leave the appointment with worry. This is what happend to me and The Captain. At our 20 week sonogram everything looked wonderful except for 3 white spots that appeared on the heart. The good news was that the sono tech didn’t seem worried, but we were told that we would have to go on for further testing. What does that mean??? I hated the whole….”everything looks great BUT….” comment. We were told that the white spots could be a marker for Down Syndrome, but due to my good blood work numbers (1 in 250,000 risk of Downs), that we shouldn’t worry too much.  Oh really? Don’t worry? Sounds like a great plan! Extra testing? Fetal Echo? What does it all mean? Really what it meant was that the doctors wanted to cover their ass. In the meantime, while doing so, I was left to worry about the “what if’s”. Everything I read, and tons of people told me not to worry….but the fact that there was something “odd” showing on my son’s heart still rang in the back of my head.

We made an appointment at Cohen’s Children’s hospital (a really great children’s hospital), and after 1 bumped appointment, 3 weeks after our original scan, The Captain and I went in for our fetal echo. Bascially what it is, is a more extensive sonogram focused on the heart. I think I was pretty calm about the whole thing. I was so excited that I got to see our little man again, and the sono tech was extremely nice. It was a breath of fresh air to keep my mind off things. She asked if we knew the sex and I told her that we were having a boy. She put the sono instrament down and right away our little dude showed us his goods! It’s good to know that he’s not shy! I guess he takes after his daddy! The whole scan took about 50 minutes. There was a bunch of things they had to check (although I have ZERO clue what they were), but through it all I got to see him moving around. They told me to eat a full breakfast so he isn’t sleeping during the appointment, and I did just that. What did I eat??? Well, a Jelly Donut, and some orange juice. Also, if you promise not to tell anyone I will admit that I also had a few sips of coffee! (Ya I’m bad) It was so worth it! Little Pooh Bear was bouncing around. (maybe even too much!) It was fun to feel him in my belly and watch him move at the same time. It would’ve been totally amazing had I not been there worrying about his heart.

After the scan we had to wait for the doctor to look over everything. I was pleased that they did this right away, and we weren’t going to be left to wait for a phone call. We got called in and sat down with the doctor, who right away told us everything looked good. Phew!!! Pooh Bear’s little heart was well formed and working like it’s supposed to. The white spots were still there, but but she wasn’t alarmed. She said that she see’s them all the time. What about the Down Syndrome? Well we are left with the 1 in 250,000 number, but it sounds like the odds are in our favor. The good news is that our little man’s heart is growing as it should, and I no longer have to be monitored or checked.

Do I think that technology can help?? Sure! If something is found actually wrong. But I would say MOST of the time we are left to worry over no reason. I am thankful though that we got the all clear. Thank goodness!!!