Mom has written you a ton of letters already and since we don’t really know each other yet (I think you may have just gotten some ears) I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself, and some of the major players that will be in your life.

Right off the bat, I know you won’t be talking for a while, but if given a choice I think I prefer to be called dad. You could go with Pops as my father is loving referred to, or straight-up “Father” if being condescendingly referred to. But I hope the former is more prevalent than than the later. You could also try out the Greek, Patera Mou, when having a few beers…I won’t judge you no drinking!

A Little Bit About Me

I have no idea what mom has told you about me so I guess I’ll introduce myself.

I am one of those annoying people that doesn’t really feel anxiety and even to a lesser extent stress…and you have provided me with more heartburn, anxiety and a weird stress feeling that I have ever felt before AND YOU HAVEN’T TAKEN YOUR FIRST BREATH YET!  On a positive note I think it is just bad ass that, I have got that parent guilt thing down though, although I think it has less to do with of becoming a pops then it does with learning from my parents who are fantastic at it lol.

I am generally a loud person, who tends to ask too many questions when I am interested in something and ZERO questions when I don’t care. I will probably embarrass you in front of your friends with jokes that I find funny and you don’t. But I can promise you one thing, I will never, and I mean ever, do the fake gun snap hello gesture.

I am going to put it out there, I don’t sleep a lot, but the sleep I do get is very very valuable to me so if could hook me up and be one of those amazing newborns that people are jealous of and sleep a lot that would be simply fantastic. If not I tend to get cranky.

For the most part, I am kind of liberal guy when it comes to personal choices so whatever your choose to do with your life you’ll have a huge supporter. If you want to be a running back, a 145 pound wrestling animal (Dad’s wrestling weigh, no seriously I did weight that at one point), an actor or a computer dork, you’ll have my support (I do have to ask you to be one of those cool computer dorks that invents the next Windows so mom and dad don’t have to work anymore and you marry a supermodel). There are only two things I really don’t want to stand by.  Male cheerleading and getting an art history degree. Please don’t become a male cheerleader just to spite me.

Dad and mom are very lucky to be surrounded with amazing friends and family, and here is a brief intro to some of these characters.  While I can fill up pages upon pages about each of these people, I don’t want to bore mommy’s readers and you should learn about each one of these special people yourself…so you only get a sentence or two about each.

Dad’s Side

The Uncles

First I have 2 HUGE brothers (or at least massive to me since they have 6 and 8 inches of height on me) and while looking up at them should be scary for an infant they are literally the most loving and caring guys I know.

Uncle Mike is a proud member of the FDNY, so as soon as you are old enough you get to slide down the fire pole!  Can you say bad ass?  Uncle Mikey is married to a wonderful wife, who has already threatened me with loud and annoying toys.  Revenge is a bitch Aunty Linda!

Uncle Chris is intelligent and loves to talk things out, so be ready to talk and talk and talk!  Uncle Chris and I already have plans to teach you sign language way before you can talk, so you and I can talk about mom right in front of her face.  “Just don’t tell your mother” Ha! I got it out of my system even before you are born.

If they give you any shit…you let me know, I still think I MAY be able to take them, but its not definite so please make sure it is a real problem. Eventually they are going to mutter atrocities to you about dad’s childhood and even adulthood. LIES I TELL YOU LIES.

On top of these guys you will have a ton of ‘fake’ Uncles that Dad grew up with…watch out for these characters! Again, they may tell you stories that don’t make sense or scare you…just let it go I hang out with them because they pay me.

Dad’s Parents

We also have Nana and Papou. While the names might be confusing they are both holding on to heritage so let them have it. These two wizards of parenting raised Dad and the two giants, and if I say so myself they did an excellent job.

Nana will love you and might literally kill for you, I am not joking…kill. So it is best to keep her calm.  Despite Papou’s best efforts, she kept control of a house with 3 boys all 18 months apart, trust me she knows all your tricks way before you even think of them.

Beyond letting you ride him like a horse Papou will treat you like an adult the moment you can put together a sentence.  I am sure that by the time you hit 4 you’ll have a better grasp of technology than him so he may call you for help, just please bear with him.

While their parenting style may be different of each other they share in the goal of advancing the ones they love in any pursuit. I am pretty sure they would still support you if you went the aforementioned art history degree…but please don’t do it! It probably sounds cliché, but they can’t be trusted when it comes to JUNK FOOD! They will say things like, “don’t tell your parents but…” please tell me!

Mom’s Side

Mom’s Siblings

Mom has both a brother, Uncle Matt, and a sister, Aunt Kelly.  Uncle Matt has literally traveled the world he will be able to show you pictures and tell you stories about his travels from Alaska to Eastern Europe.  Damn it, he is tall also so you have a fighting chance of being over 5’8 buddy.  Aunt Kelly is soon to be married to Uncle John Paul (you’ll be at the wedding) and boy you are going to have fun with these guys! They are a lot of fun to be with and hang around…maybe too much fun lol.  Uncle John Paul just helped me put up a chair rail and a fan in your room, so you’ll have to thank him in a couple years.

Since Mom and Dad dated for so long before getting married I have watched mom’s siblings grow up without all that drama that happens in the years from 0 to 16, and I can safely say you’ll grow to love each one of them and enjoy their company.

Mom’s Parents

In addition to Nana and Papou we have mom’s parents Grandpa and MeeMa.  Before you ask I have absolutely zero idea what the hell MeeMa means so don’t ask me.  Despite my strange curly gelled hair and being from “Lawng Island” Grandpa and MeeMa accepted me right away showing me nothing but love and respect, giving me next to no grief for dating their daughter…so you know they are accepting people!   Although I do remember one rainy visit to PA getting grilled out side by Grandpa’s buddies.

Grandpa and MeeMa are a great time to hang out with and wise beyond their years (although they are getting up there in “their years” so I am not sure when that saying gets old, pun intended lol).

Despite their love and patience, just like Nana and Papou these two can’t be trusted when it comes to junk food.  I am positive they are going to hop you up on all sorts of crappy food and send you home to let mom and I deal with the carnage that will ensue.  Again, please tell me, not that there is much I can do.

Well there it is a brief introduction to those in your life who you aren’t growing inside of!  If it seems like I used the words “caring, intelligent, tall and loving” too much I should tell you right now I didn’t use them enough!  and I am sorry if you wanted more information about each named person but I have already pushed over 1,500 words!

It really seems like all I have to worry about are loving uncles, aunts and grandparents…so life is good right now!  hmmm but I do have my eyes on all 4 grandparents and that damn junk food